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April 22, 2021

Mel Reid

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice day obviously. Got to love that. Birdies what, 2 two, 6, 10, 15, and 18 I think, if I did my math right.

MEL REID: Yeah, maybe.

Q. Any of them in particular stand out to help you?

MEL REID: Made a nice putt on my first hole, No. 10; then made a great par save on 12 which kept the momentum going.

Then just played a lot better today. Didn't hit it great yesterday. Did some work on the range last night, and yeah, just felt a lot better today.

So I just played -- honestly, it was kind of a really solid kind of 4-under. Yeah, obviously 6 is probably one of the hardest holes on the golf course, so quite nice to snatch a birdie there.

Yeah, it was good. I just played solid.

Q. 15 is the Aon hole. What was the --

MEL REID: Well I made 6 there yesterday, so I needed to redeem myself.

Q. What was the game plan?

MEL REID: It's a tough pin that you can't go for it in two. Obviously it's the LPGA, so we can't really good for many par-5s in two.


Q. We've changed that though over the last few weeks.

MEL REID: So -- some of them. So, yeah, so it's a really tough pin. You kind of -- if you really want to make birdie or have a good birdie opportunity you have to kind of pitch it like past it and trust it's going to spin back, which is exactly what we did. It was kind of a nice number.

Yeah, knocked up to about four or five feet and rolled it in. Yeah, I would always take a birdie there obviously.

Q. Morning wave you move up from mid-40s to top 10; you move up greater than 30 spots in a day like you do today. Obviously the afternoon wave, anything can happen. Got to be pretty pleased with that going into moving day and halfway point?

MEL REID: Yeah, funny golf course. Like you do have a lot of wedges but it's just tricky. The greens are real slopey. Obviously with the poana they roll a lot better in the morning, so nice to take advantage of that.

Yeah, it's just a tricky -- just cannot switch off. Just a tricky little golf course.

Q. Have you had any --


Q. -- sort of success?

MEL REID: I made the cut here both times I think, or one time, but it's not my favorite golf course. You know, I've not kind of -- but you kind of need to switch your mindset and try and challenge yourself, kind of say to your self, Right, well, I can play on a course I don't like.

Because you are going to get golf courses in the season where it doesn't suit your eye as much as others, so that's just kind of been the mindset this week.

Q. The greens are obviously pretty narrow it seems. Hitting them is at premium, I would imagine. If you can get it on the green you're going to be somewhat close.

MEL REID: Yeah, you have to be a good ball-striker to play well round here. Yeah, I think obviously the more greens you hit the more chances you have.

I think ultimately players that win here hit the most greens. I think that's kind of something that you definitely need in your armor is to be a good ball-striker around here.

Q. What makes Wilshire unique compared to some other -- is it the greens? Is it --

MEL REID: Well, one, it's the location obviously. Makes it very unique. Yeah, and it's just the greens are -- they're pretty small, they're skinny. They're either small and fat or very long and skinny, which makes it very unique.

I think that obviously with the creeks running through the golf course that's pretty unique; 3 is one of the most unique holes we play in the season.

Yeah, you just got to shape it. Like you can't really just hit one shape around here. You have to draw off certain tees, you have to fade off certain tees, which I think is really, really good.

I enjoy kind of moving the ball around a little bit, so I don't mind that aspect of it.

Q. When you go from a late afternoon tee time to a morning tee time and you move yourself up and now you're looking at an afternoon tee time tomorrow, how do you -- you mentioned you went and worked on some things yesterday. How do you spend the time to continue to kind of stay in that groove, good mental spot?

MEL REID: God, just do whatever -- like we're in a us house. I don't know if I should be telling you that. So there is a bunch of us. It's such a cool atmosphere anyway. We're all really good friends. There is in no of stress anyway.

Yeah, this afternoon I'm probably not going to hit any. Felt like hit it good. Sometimes feel like when you're hitting it good you can work your way out of it. Range is small so going to be waiting around for about an hour.

So, yeah, felt like I'm rolling it well, chipping it well, feel like things are in a good spot, so it's kind of about resting. Yeah, I'll probably go work out this afternoon, go for a nice coffee somewhere, and get one the girls to cook dinner for me.

Q. Nice.

MEL REID: Which is an achievement in itself.

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