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April 22, 2021

Tiffany Chan

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Stayed steady, 1-under. Kept your spot right at the top of the leaderboard there.


Q. Within striking distance. Just how did it feel to kind of work your way around and into a 1-under?

TIFFANY CHAN: I think today is definitely playing a little tougher than yesterday, a little colder for me and a little more wind.

Pin position is a little tougher. I actually start with birdie so which pretty good start, and then bogey 11 again like yesterday. But I just keep my -- keep the game plan going. I missed a drive but then I didn't really try to go for it, try and chase the leader.

As I said, I'm trying to play round one and two more steady and conservatively and make the cut, and then I can go more aggressive in the weekend.

So the whole day -- I mean, I miss couple shots, but I was recovering pretty well, have the last hole birdie coming back in.

So overall I think I did really good. My goal is to play fairways and middle of the green and I made it.

Q. Yeah.

TIFFANY CHAN: So hopefully the weekend will be a little more aggressive play and then I am just going to enjoy it.

Q. You had birdies on 5, 10, and 13. Any one of those a little more memorable than the others, maybe help you get to 1-under?

TIFFANY CHAN: Actually I think I was -- I told you my 10th hole was a really good birdie, short iron in, and then I keep the momentum going.

Missed couple opportunity out there, but then save a couple par putts. I think the most memorable one would be on 5th hole. Actually 5th and 9th hole are really good birdies because both are tough holes for approaching.

5th hole the pin tuck on the left, which I know they always put the pin there, so I hit like a really good 6-iron to like two feet, so tap-in birdie.

And then last hole pin tucked right. You can't miss right; you can't miss left because go both ways like that. I hit it to nine feet below the hole.

So I think I had really good birdies today and got to work on the wedges more. I think the release is still more than I think.

Q. For most people that play conservative, if they were to shoot 7-under that would be pretty amazing, I think.

TIFFANY CHAN: Conservative for the first two days is what the guys taught me to do.

Q. When you can shoot 7-under and you still have that mindset, I would imagine it bodes well for the next two days.

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, you know, sometimes golf is just weird. When you go too aggressive it might turn the other way around. This morning I told my caddie I'm saying yesterday round is erased.

Today we keep the same game plan. Doesn't matter we shoot 80 or 70 or 60 today, it's still one shot at a time. This is what I been trying to learn in the past couple years and I think it's slowly kicking in and it's helping.

Q. You mentioned yesterday that you tended to stay at home if it was ever this cold in L.A. when you practiced out here in college. Do you think the weather and kind of the coolness in the air is changing the way the course is playing?

TIFFANY CHAN: Oh, yeah for sure. It was a joke because everyone knows I practice like an idiot. I'm so stubborn. It was snowing in Vegas one day and I was still practicing.

Because I know this course so well and I already told them, like don't really account the practice round because the practice round is so hot. It's not related. You can tell the course is playing so soft the first two days, like Monday, Tuesday, and by today you can see it's firming up already. No fog on the ground.

And if the weather continue to cool down, it will continue to play tougher and firmer greens, yeah.

Q. Just in terms of being in contention here, you're within striking distance at the halfway point, and this a course that you call your home course.


Q. Just what's the overall excitement level to be here and competing on the LPGA and being in this spot?

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, I been trying to work on my mental game in the last couple months a lot, realizing it's actually a big part of my game not being able to perform before.

And every day I just try to be happy I'm still on tour, family is still safe, friends still safe. I got COVID earlier, so I'm just glad that I'm healthy and still playing on tour. And it's in LA, my favorite city, so, yeah.

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