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April 22, 2021

Angela Stanford

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A solid day, Day 2 at the HUGEL-AIR PREMIA LA Open. 5-under 66. Just take us through the day, six birdies on the round.

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I think -- I didn't feel great this morning, so sometimes I think that makes me focus a little bit more, so it was really one shot at a time because at any moment I thought it could go south. Probably good that it kind of kept me focused today.

Q. Was it just a little upset stomach?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, just didn't play very good. I think the turnaround, playing late and then early, the older I get, the harder it is to turn around that quick, and it being a little bit cooler was a little -- was hard. But it worked out.

Q. I remember what Tiger Woods said, his morning routine starts at like 3:00. You don't have anywhere near that kind of wake-up time, do you?

ANGELA STANFORD: No, it's funny, I thought he was crazy when he said that. He's probably right. I'm sure he's right. I'm sure he's not lying about it. Now the older I get you kind of have to tack on time to get your body moving. I can only imagine getting his body moving. I'm sure he's spot-on with that.

Q. Any one of your birdies in particular stand out as maybe helping propel you to the 66?

ANGELA STANFORD: I think it's the ones that I didn't make that are on my mind. I missed a short one on 15 that kind of made me mad, missed one on 17 that kind of made me mad because 17 makes me nervous. That hole is tough. I finally got a good shot in there and I missed the putt, and then kind of messed up my last hole, No. 9.

I'm thinking about the things I probably need to do better.

Q. One thing that you are doing really well is you're hitting fairways and greens. Obviously we always talk about fairways and greens, fairways and greens. These are pretty narrow greens. You've hit 33 of the 36 in two days. You've hit roughly that same percentage of fairways. You seem to have it dialed in with the long game and the irons.

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I struggled with my driver early in the week last week in Hawai'i, and we kind of figured some things out on the weekend and felt better coming here. And then my instructor was here earlier in the week and we kind of ironed out a few things, and hopefully keep going, but everything feels good right now.

Q. Anything in particular you ironed out to get back to the Angela Stanford swing?

ANGELA STANFORD: I just start moving a lot. I move a lot, a roll a lot, and just trying to true up that turn and rotating more. I mean, it's hard, but it's given me something to think about.

Q. The 36-hole scoring record was 8-under. You bested that, and obviously Jessica Korda right now bested that even more. We talked about just some of the lower scores out there, some of the cooler conditions may play a part. What's impacting that?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I think these greens are a little bumpier than what we saw in '19. That's just poa annua, it's not anything in particular, and the cool weather, I don't remember it being this cool the last time we were here, and then the wind blows a little bit, and I just think it makes it a little more challenging than it has been in the past.

Q. Did the course play any different from yesterday afternoon right back to getting out here early today?

ANGELA STANFORD: I thought it played a little bit -- I think we had more opportunities this morning because the wind wasn't blowing. I actually said to my caddie when we finished, it's colder now, so I was all bundled up this morning and it wasn't that bad.

Yeah, I think it was warmer and less wind this morning.

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