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July 4, 2003

Angela Stanford


Q. Day two better than day one?

ANGELA STANFORD: Yes. Not so much striking the ball, but I held it together and mentally it was much better today. Could have gone south quick.

Q. How helpful was it to come into this tournament off a victory?

ANGELA STANFORD: My confidence was up. Considering I haven't made a cut here until now, I needed that boost. So it's really helped me in my short game especially.

Q. Talk a little bit about how if you get in the wrong spot on this course it can just kill you. Because it seems like every player almost has gotten at least a double on one hole in their round.

ANGELA STANFORD: I haven't yet, so don't do that. I think that that was the one thing that I learned in the practice round. We -- I like to look for the bad spots in my practice rounds. A lot of people would think that that's negative. But I'm trying to find out where, if I miss it, I need to find the best place to miss it. My instructor has stressed that from the beginning. So I'm not real sure what those spots are you're talking about, I hope I don't find them. But if I put myself in a bad spot I just try to get out quick.

Q. What did you like about what you did mentally today as opposed to yesterday?

ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think we started on number 10. I'm trying to think what hole. Number 13 I kind of sensed from the beginning I wasn't striking it very well and when I'm tired I really start missing it right. It could go both ways. And I think I caught it faster than I have in the past. I chipped in on 14. So that was a big boost. That was for par. I chipped in for par.

Q. How far?

ANGELA STANFORD: It was only like 20 or 25 feet. It was directly kind of behind the pin. But I think the fact that I caught that I was kind of tired and really paid attention to that and that really helped.

Q. How do you prepare for this tournament? What does it mean to not only make the cut here for the first time but to be right up there at the top?

ANGELA STANFORD: It's really neat. I always thought my first cut here would be right on the line, right on the number. But I'm glad it's this and I'm just excited about the weekend. I've never played a weekend at an Open so I'm thrilled. I can't wait.

Q. How much tougher is the course -- is the course playing tougher today than it was yesterday?

ANGELA STANFORD: I think it is. I think it's tougher today. I think they have put the pins in certain places that you can get in trouble quick. You've just got to find the fat part of the green or the best place to putt from and do that. So I think some of the pin placements were tricky today.

Q. You're in second right now, how does that feel to be in second place in the U.S. Open?

ANGELA STANFORD: I'm in second? I don't really have words for that right now. I had no idea. Thank you.

Q. Will you spend time on your game this afternoon or sleeping?

ANGELA STANFORD: Probably sleeping. We may go hit a few balls, just to make sure I knew what was going on early, just to kind of make sure I have that ready to go for tomorrow. But I think I'm going to get some rest this afternoon and have a good time tonight with my family and friends and come back tomorrow.

Q. In the past you said you prepared too hard maybe. How does this compare?

ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I found out there that I was tired. And I think that mentally it would be best for me to go home and get some sleep. If I stand out here and bang balls I just think it's going to wear me down and wear me out. And I'm -- I feel like I'm one of those players that I need to crave it, I need to want to be here. And if I stay here the rest of the afternoon, regardless of if it's the Open or not, I'm not going to be as excited. So I need a break from it and I'll be excited coming back.

Q. Why is it so hard to process that you're in second? Is it because of the margin that you're behind or just what?

ANGELA STANFORD: That's quite a bit of it. When there's a player that's running away from you, it's hard to think about where you fall in the field because you're still chasing that one person. And she's a good ways out in front of you. But I guess also because I saw so many other names in front of me, I think I was in fourth or fifth with a couple holes left. So I guess I'm just shocked that I'm where I am.

Q. McKay has five feet for a triple on the last hole.

ANGELA STANFORD: I'm happy to be standing here in front of you guys.


Q. Off the course, you mean?

ANGELA STANFORD: Say it again?

Q. And off the course?

ANGELA STANFORD: Oh, yeah, I'm thrilled to be off the course right now. Happy to be right here.

Q. People that are from outside of Oregon are always talking about the rain in Oregon and we have got perfect weather. Is it a surprise for everybody, do you think, that the weather has been so great?

ANGELA STANFORD: You know every time I've been here it's been perfect. So when I hear rain, I think, okay, I have never seen it. And my parents coming up, they have never been here and you hear northwest, rain, and they're like, this is perfect.

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