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April 19, 2021

Alison Lee

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Press Conference

Q. Start with the eagle. Take me through just everything that went down with that.

ALISON LEE: Yeah, so now with Monday qualifiers they have live scoring on our app, so looking for the scores I was 3-under with one hole to play.

I saw that Cheyenne was 4-under obviously, so -- and it's a pretty short Par-5 today. Goes a little downhill and downwind.

So I hit a 3-wood off the tee and the pin was in the front kind of in a good little collection area; 7-iron in.

Yeah, I mean, I just knew I had to make birdie there if I wanted that chance at making it this week. I had really, really good shot. Hit it to like 6 feet. It was just a straight uphill putt.

And so I just told myself, If I make this I'm guaranteed in, and I just went for it and it went in. Thankfully it was just a straight uphill putt so that helps.

So yeah, felt great to roll that in. Thankfully I'm here now. Going to try and play nine holes really quick. I'm exhausted. It starts Wednesday so we can't really play more practice rounds.

I didn't want to play 18 tomorrow.

Q. Yeah, that's a lot.

ALISON LEE: I've been here before.

Q. You played 2019.

ALISON LEE: Yeah, and UCLA came here to practice when I was on the team, so I played here a couple times before. It's just nice to be back.

Q. Did you say the club you used?

ALISON LEE: 7-iron. What was it, 172? 180 to the pin downwind, so it was like -- I thought maybe 6 but he told me, Nope, 7-iron. He had the right club, yeah.

Q. Good. And the last one I got for you. You've had a nice couple weeks. Feel like you found something? I know you been bouncing around.

ALISON LEE: Yeah, a little bit, I mean, I been struggling honestly, for the last few years. It's been really tough losing my card, basically not having full status.

So, yeah, I've just been -- even last year I had a few good events but obviously didn't really matter how I played because of COVID.

Yeah, it's nice to get and have good momentum. Before Hawaii I got tied for fifth at the Symetra event.

And, yeah, just the goal right now is just to play the way I'm playing and slowly make cuts basically so I don't have to go back to Q-School.

The bigger goal is obviously not even think about it and play like I normally do out here. So, yeah, obviously it's a little more difficult, frustrating having to travel and play Monday qualifiers and do that you will extra stuff.

But it's just part of the process.

Q. You know how to do it.


Q. You're not a rookie out here.

ALISON LEE: Yeah, so...

Q. No better week to do that than in the shadows of you alma mater.

ALISON LEE: Home, yeah. Yeah, it's nice. It's definitely nice to be back home.

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