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April 17, 2021

Matt Wallace

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Harbour Town Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. Let's get a few comments on your day.

MATT WALLACE: Played nice. Played really nice. I thought I hit 17 out of 18 greens. Two of them were right on the edge, so 15 out of 18. Really helped me. Left a bunch of putts out there, but obviously thinking about the good stuff. Obviously holed a few, no bogeys today. Just played really solid.

Q. The way things are shaping up on the leaderboard, how are you looking at Sunday? You've got yourself in the mix there.

MATT WALLACE: Yeah, hopefully we can make it three out of four good rounds. Yesterday we were just lethargic and tired, and it showed. We birdied the 1st, and it was kind of like we thought it was just going to carry on for the day, but we didn't give it enough energy, and you need that around here on the golf course, around Harbour Town and Hilton Head. Yeah, we had a little chat yesterday, Lordy and myself, and gave it a little bit more energy today, focus and concentration, and it was kind of the same as the first day, bogey free, very solid, and try and do that again tomorrow.

Q. What sort of mindset do you bring to the golf course tomorrow?

MATT WALLACE: He's doing what he's doing because nobody is going to catch him. Yeah, he's just playing some great golf. I've just got to take care of myself, and if that gives me a chance with nine holes to go -- not even nine holes, with four, five holes to go, anything can happen around those last four, five holes. That's my thinking. I'm going to get some good rest today, come back tomorrow with the same energy I brought today, and see how it goes tomorrow.

Q. Speaking of taking care of yourself, what do you feel like you need to improve on or do better tomorrow to really feel some confidence?

MATT WALLACE: Ooh, not really too much. I mean, I'm trying not to be too critical of myself because I've got to give myself a little bit more confidence. I mean, if I holed a couple more putts tomorrow than what I did today, it would be some really good scores. That could be in the really low 60s. Try and do the same again tomorrow and see what the score adds up to.

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