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July 16, 2003

Angela Stanford


MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Angela Stanford to the interview area. You had last week off, but you have had a couple of busy last two tournaments. Can you tell us how they were.

ANGELA STANFORD: Well, it was brought to my attention I guess I missed three out of ten cuts leading up to it. I didn't even know that. I knew I missed the cut the week before. I missed the cut in Rochester and actually went home for a couple of days, actually it was three nights, and just needed to recharge. I felt like I was having my midyear breakdown. I always have a midyear breakdown where I kind of freak out because things aren't going as planned.

I really like the course and the city. There's enough to do to keep me occupied when I'm not on the golf course. I've always played pretty well there. It was a great week. The putter got hot and it was a lot of fun. I have had great pairings the last two weeks. I played with Juli Inkster a few times. Then the Open, I think going into the Open, I missed my last three cuts at Open, so a lot of people said, oh, you're going to have all this confidence going into the Open. The Open is very different. I know my history at the Open, and it's never been very good, so I was pretty cautious about being overconfident going into the Open.

But the other thing that I had in the back of my mind is I think people watch. They watch what you do after you win, and I didn't want to let down. I didn't want people to think, oh, well, she got lucky, she won that week. I know they're watching me, but to follow a win like that at the Open, it was pretty cool because it gave me that feeling of, okay, maybe it wasn't a fluke, maybe I am playing better and maybe I might win again. There was some very positive things that came out of the last two weeks.

Q. Angela, you talk about your history at Opens. Can you take it as a positive and say each Open is on a different golf course? Can you chalk it up to that golf course?

ANGELA STANFORD: The first year I played as an amateur, it was a huge learning experience, and then the next two years, I don't think the golf course was set up well for me. Actually I walked off on Tuesday thinking, great, I finally found an Open course I can play. I'm comfortable. I did take that into account, and missing three cuts in three Opens, that's okay.

Q. You mentioned the good pairings you have had lately. What makes a good pairing, good playing companion for you? What do you take from playing with someone like Inkster?

ANGELA STANFORD: I'm not a real chatty person. I don't need somebody that is going to talk to me. I'm usually okay talking to Jeremy. We can carry a conversation. I like a player that -- somebody like Julie that is a competitor and pushes you through the round. If I make birdies, you know she's going to make birdies. Well, I want to make another birdie. And I guess Kelly Robbins is another one. Last year when I played with her, it was just great. We were kind of feeding off each other. I like playing with people like that, because they're not rooting against you, and you're kind of pushing each other. I think that's the way it should be out here. You shouldn't have to -- you should be able to push each other out here, instead of tearing each other down or try to wish bad luck on people. My dad has always been real big on you do not wish bad luck on anybody. It's hard enough as it is.

Q. A lot of the top players are not here. Do you have the mindset that maybe "I should win this tournament"?

ANGELA STANFORD: Well, somebody had said that to me earlier, and it's a new week, a new golf course. I'm having to deal with new expectations. Every week is different; the feeling you have toward the golf tournament, the feeling you have on the golf course. There are so many factors, and I'm just going to approach this golf tournament like I have every other golf tournament. It's hard, because I notice today out there, I wasn't in focus. I'm still a little bit tired. I'm learning how to do this, learning what it means to win out here and how to do it week to week.

I think about like Annika and the people that win over and over and over and, I think they're great players, but I think they're great because they can do it over and over and over. That's very hard. I'm drained after -- I was drained, and to think the people get up the next week and win again, that's amazing. I think that's what makes a great golfer really stand out from the rest. Or Julie or anybody else.

Q. You talked about your expectations and that's why you hit balls for all those years. How has it changed, and how has it affected you?

ANGELA STANFORD: I don't know if I've changed much. I think the perception of me has changed a little bit. I'm still the same person that can do the same things. I feel like I could win again. I think people are starting to notice a little bit. People close to me have always thought that that was going to happen. It's just a whole timing thing, when is it going to happen.

I think I put all the expectations on me, and all of the pressure comes from me. I know what I'm capable of. All of the expectations from the outside world or media or whatever, that doesn't really phase me. I know those are my expectations too, so it's about the same.

Q. When you talk about you're amazed how people can do it week after week after week. When this year is over, will you have to sit back and analyze what you're going to say, well, maybe I have to get on a training program or something just to keep up? Is that an alternative when the year is over?

ANGELA STANFORD: I think so. I started the off-season working with a personal trainer at home and felt like I kept my fitness program up throughout the year until just recently. There are so many other demands when I start being really competitive in tournaments. I've noticed it takes longer to get from the locker room to the driving range and to the putting green. Just more autographs and stuff like that. Time becomes a factor. I need to get back on my fitness, but I think that's huge. I think people that have a fitness program and work out are mentally stronger than anyone else. You push yourself in the weight room, on the treadmill. Then you get out here and you're used to that mentally.

MODERATOR: Any other questions? We're done. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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