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April 16, 2021

Sarah Schmelzel

Kapolei, Hawaii, USA

Kapolei Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Sarah, a 7-under day, including four birdies in a row on the back nine. What do you think was working so well for you on moving day?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: You know, I've been playing really well. Been striking ball really well. Worked on a lot of things with my coach in the off-season and I feel like it's been clicking all year.

Just really trying to stay patient, not force too much, and trust the work that I put in. I would say that the work started to show some dividends today, which was nice to see.

Q. What were some of the different conditions compared to the last two days? I know the wind has been down. Do you think that contributed to an outstanding round?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: You know, the wind kicks up and then it dies, it kicks up, and then it dies, so it keeps it interesting. You know, I think probably the first day we had the most wind and that was challenging.

But it's kind of in different wind on every hole the three times we've played it. I feel like it's got its different level of difficulty every time we've seen the course the past three days.

Yeah, I mean, just managing it well, to be honest. It's been good to see.

Q. You been getting used to Kapolei, as everyone else has, because this is the first year we've been here. What have you noticed about this course that has brought out some greatness in your game?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, it's in great shape. If you hit it in the fairway you're going to be rewarded with a great look into the green. It's been really nice. Greens are awesome. They're rolling great.

I think it's been cool to have a change of pace and everything. A lot of water on the course so it keeps you on your toes.

Yeah, I think everyone is really loving it.

Q. What's interesting is I was looking back at 2020, last year, once we made the restart that you were pretty consistent. You didn't miss a cut once we had that restart. You're only coming off one missed cut at the ANA Inspiration. What do you think has been working so well? I know you talked about what you've been work ing on in the off-season, but what are some of the things you've been focusing on in the past year?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: I think it just takes some sometime to get comfortable out here. Honestly, from my rookie year to now it's just a totally different mindset. Rookie year you're kind of deer in the headlights. I even started out the year before the pandemic and was probably in that same deer in the headlights place.

When we had the shutdown it made me realize that it's just golf. You practice a bunch so you should trust what you do. It's just been being patient and getting more and more comfortable. I mean, you can't trade experience I don't think out her for anything else.

I think I just attribute it to getting more rounds under my belt.

Q. We've got one more round tomorrow; you certainly took advantage of moving day here. What's the focus or mindset as you head into the final day in paradise?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Just to make a lot of birdies. Everyone is making birdies out here. Course sets up well for it. Just make as many as I can and see what happens.

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