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April 16, 2021

Wesley Bryan

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Harbour Town Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. 5-under for the day, 8-under for the tournament. How happy are you with the last two days of golf?

WESLEY BRYAN: I would say the ball striking yesterday was fantastic. Today it was a little lackluster in spots. I got off to a really good start. Kind of hit the bottom of the barrel at 15. Just a brain lapse. Made a horrible bogey there.

Hit it in the water on 14. Was able to bounce back. Hit a lot of really good shots on my back nine, the front nine, and found myself out of position a little bit, but was able to manage it and get back in position.

Overall, doesn't look like I'm going to be too far from the lead come day's end, so just looking for a chance on the weekend.

That's all you can ask for.

Q. Speaking of that back nine, your front nine, the eagle on 2, walk us through that.

WESLEY BRYAN: The eagle on 2, fantastic little buttery cut 3-wood off the tee. Same thing, 5-iron, buttery little face into the wind, left to right, and it chased on back there to like -- I think it looked at the board and I saw eight feet 11 inches, and was able to brush it in.

It was nice.

Q. Very nice. As a former champ here, what sort of lessons do you take from that experience into coming into Harbour Town?

WESLEY BRYAN: I think more goes back to a kid. I've played this place a lot growing up. It's just one of the few stops even as a rookie on tour I felt very comfortable from day one.

Not as much homework learning the golf course. It's more of just out here knowing where to miss it. You don't necessarily have to drive the ball in the fairway out here to stay in position in the hole.

So more of it is just being really familiar with the place. Mr. Farrell and Mr. Wilmot have had me down here a lot and we've played a lot of golf over the years.

So really just drawing on all those experiences.

Q. And in terms of your game, how are you feeling about your game? How is your shoulder?

WESLEY BRYAN: Shoulder is great. I been feeling a lot better about the golf game than what the scores have been showing as of late.

Post-surgery I picked up a lot of speed and started actually striking the ball well for the first time in my career, which was nice.

It's been a lot better than what the scores been showing. It's nice finally this week to see some results, and hopefully we can keep the pedal down.

Q. Just two quick one; we can walk and talk. How special is it having family, friends out on a week like this?

WESLEY BRYAN: Oh, I mean -- I mean, every single year I've come here just having all the family and friends and the support, and a little bit louder cheers for good shots, for putts made, on the first tee getting nice warm welcome, it feels a little better.

I've always kind of thrived, liked having a -- playing in front of people, seeing the crowds, and kind of missed that during the -- when we restarted back up.

I know I hadn't been in the feature groups or in contention that much, but all the opportunities I had to play in front of people I've really enjoyed it and kind of relished that moment. The heart beat getting up a little bit more, I really like that. It's fun.

Q. And you touched on the back there. Your dad brought you here a lot as a kid to play.


Q. How special was that?

WESLEY BRYAN: Oh, it was great. One of our really good family friends, Vick Roof (phonetic) had a condo, two condos over from the pro shop. That's where all our family vacations where. He would let us come down, and I'll be honest, we snuck out here way more often than we probably should. We would walk out to the 10th tee and just start playing holes as kids.

Yeah, a lot of hours have been spent out here, whether they knew about them or not.

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