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April 16, 2021

Brian Harman

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Harbour Town Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. Brian, way to come back on that round. How do you assess the way you played today?

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it was just windy and tough this morning and just wasn't feeling that great. Wish I could have got a couple more out of it, but where I was, to finish with a birdie there, you know, still got a chance.

Q. I wanted to ask you about you and your caddie, Scott Tway. What makes the relationship so good between you guys on the course, and what is the biggest influence you think he has on that?

BRIAN HARMAN: Well, he's got a really calming effect. I tend to run kind of hot and kind of cold, and he's sort of leveled me out.

So I that's really good, and he's been here a long time and seen it a bunch of different ways, and I just think we do good work together. He's seen me as my worst and I've seen him at his worst.

At this point, we're like an old married couple.

Q. Brian, 1-under par today, 5-under for the tournament, T11. You're in good shape going into the weekend. Just talk about with your round today.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it was a struggle, man. It was really windy this morning. It was just hard to make birdies. I found it that way. Looks like there was a couple good scores out there.

Started on the back nine. It was chilly and the wind was blowing, and it's just hard to get the ball close.

Just made one bad swing on 16; cost me a bogey, and bad swing on 1. Glad to play the last eight 3-under and kind of right the ship.

Q. How important is experience around this golf course on days like this?

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, sometimes right trees are better than left fairway. That's something you got to play around here to know. There are certain parts of the green, like I know like on 7 today, I knew if I was going to miss that ball I'm going to miss it left, because it's an easier up and down than right.

Just stuff like that that you have to play a bunch and hit some bad spots to learn, unfortunately.

Q. Not sure what the weather is going to do this weekend, but just talk about your thoughts.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I was pretty exhausted after last week. I'm proud of the way that I've hung in there this week. I've hit some good shots. If I could just make a couple more putts, I think I can do something this weekend.

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