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April 15, 2021

Alena Sharp

Kapolei, Hawaii, USA

Kapolei Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Alena, one of the lowest rounds so far of the day. You were really able to take advantage of the less windy conditions. How are you feeling after day two?

ALENA SHARP: I feel pretty good. I played really solid at ANA and just didn't get anything out of the tournament.

So I kept my head held high and I'm hitting it really well. Drove it well the last two days. Taking advantage of wedges and the par-5s.

So it's been a good two days.

Q. You were able to eagle No. 14; that's the Aon Risk Reward Challenge hole this week. So as you sit there and nod your head, what was going so right on that hole and how did you take on that hole this week?

ALENA SHARP: I hit a good drive today and I went for the green and it hit the front and rolled off and I chipped it in.

So it was nice to chip it. I totally forgot it was the Aon Risk Reward hole, so that's helpful.

Q. We're here in paradise. What's it like getting used to Hawaii for the week?

ALENA SHARP: I love Hawaii. I feel like, I don't know, it's just zen-like. When I get here I just feel calmer. I'm going to go walk on the beach this afternoon just to chill, relax for tomorrow.

Q. What has it been like preparing for Kapolei? Much different than Ko Olina the last couple years. What have you liked about this course so far?

ALENA SHARP: Well, I like that you have to know your carry numbers, because if you're short on the -- you can't bounce it up so you have to play a high shot and make sure you know how far you're carrying it, because everything on the front rolls off.

So that makes it difficult. I think you can be really aggressive with your driver and take advantage of the par-5s, so it's fun. It's fun to be able to do that and play some -- go low. I figured the scores would be low this week. It's not as windy as usual and the greens are in great shape.

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