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April 15, 2021

Brianna Do

Kapolei, Hawaii, USA

Kapolei Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Brianna Do. Brianna, you are at 10-under overall after today. How are you feeling after day two?

BRIANNA DO: I mean, really good. No complaints. Took advantage of the calm weather this morning, and Tadd and I, my caddie, are just still working pretty well together.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun out there today.

Q. How much different is the course? Like you said you took advantage of the easier conditions when it isn't as windy as early in the morning.

BRIANNA DO: Yeah, you're able to almost hit it a little closer, be a little more aggressive with your approach shots, and the greens will hold a little better without the wind messing with it and stuff like that.

So it was definitely a little easier this morning, and happy I'm done.

Q. A bogey-free round with a bunch of birdies on the card today. Just take us through some of those, especially as you got the ball rolling on your front nine.

BRIANNA DO: Oh, well I think my first birdie was 10, 11, 12 -- on 13, and I didn't hit the best putt. It was a little hard, but I took an aggressive enough line that it hit the back of the cup and went in.

It was just -- that was the confidence booster I needed on the greens, because the first three holes I had pretty good looks. Kind of just grazed like the edges, and then once that went in I think that opened up all the lids on the holes for me for the rest of the day, so...

Q. We talked yesterday about your caddie, Tadd, how you're friends and the how the partnership came to be. This is his home course. What kind of tidbits did he give you today as opposed to yesterday?

BRIANNA DO: You know, he's just helped a lot on the greens this week. I think just him giving me confidence with my reads or if I need to give a little more on the reads and stuff like that, he's definitely helped a lot with that.

Yesterday he helped me a lot with the wind, giving it more credit than I would've normally. He's just been a lot of help.

Q. Were you looking at any leaderboards as you went through your round today?

BRIANNA DO: I don't think so. I finished on the front nine so I think the only leaderboard that I saw was on 9 maybe. And so -- but I was kind of -- it's one of those days where things are going well and I was just playing and having fun. You kind of almost don't think you're in a tournament.

So I didn't really get a chance to look up there.

Q. How comfortable do you feel right now with Tadd on the bag in beautiful Hawaii?

BRIANNA DO: So comfortable. I mean, just having someone that knows the course and who picked up on my game so quickly, and I think it also helps that he plays professionally, so he gets it and he gets when I need a pep talk, when I need a little space, when to joke and be serious and stuff like that.

So he gets it, and it's just been a lot of fun. I think when we have fun you play well.

Q. I talked to him for two minutes and I feel like he's very easy at making people smile, feel relaxed. Is that something that helps you on the course more than maybe other weeks that you don't have Tadd on the bag?

BRIANNA DO: Definitely. I mean, I think I play well when I'm relaxed, I'm having fun, and just like not getting upset over small things. Whereas like in previous weeks or like previous tournaments in the last year and stuff I would kind of get a little mad at myself because I would like miss a shot or whatever.

But with Tadd like you can't be mad. He's always smiling. Like everyone is pointing it out. We played a practice round with Cristie Kerr and she turns to him and goes, Do you ever stop smiling?

So yeah, he's a lot of fun.

Q. With what you were able to do today you're up there right in contention, and tomorrow will be one of the last groups off. How does that make you feel and how much confidence after a day like today does that give you heading into the final two days?

BRIANNA DO: I don't know. I mean, I think I'm going to embrace it and enjoy the moment. I'm really comfortable on this golf course, really comfortable with Tadd on the bag, and he helps me stay calm and have fun out there.

So it'll be a fun weekend.

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