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April 15, 2021

Matt Wallace

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Harbour Town Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. Third time playing this event. Feel like you kind of have a handle on things now, especially with the score you posted in the first round?

MATT WALLACE: Yeah, absolutely. I didn't play the back nine this week. Didn't even go out there and look at it, which is what I normally do. Even if I don't play, I know the golf course well enough now that I got nine holes in on Tuesday.

Obviously couple long weeks last two weeks in Valero and Masters last week, so I needed a bit of a rest and I came prepared for this tournament this week.

Nice start.

Q. When you start off like this, there is the potential for a very special week here in South Carolina.

MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I do like it here. My girlfriend has been coming here with her family for really long time and it's a special place. Really nice and chilled and we enjoy it.

Q. If you could, how much of a difference is it between playing last week and here?

MATT WALLACE: I was actually just thinking about it on the last hole there. And I think I'd missed the fairway, missed it on the right side. But there is no rough. It's just semi-rough everywhere. So that's similar to last week.

Greens were firm last week and a little bit of softness here. So there is similarities, but obviously it's completely different visually as well.

Q. Is this the perfect decompression after last week?

MATT WALLACE: Tournament golf is not decompression for me. I am fully focused out there.

So, yes, the buildup to it maybe a little bit better and easier, especially with what I did this week. I've had to work on my putting this week, so that was the main focus.

Yeah, from the buildup-wise, it was different. But I needed to do that because I'd been playing quite a bit.

Q. You talked about how much you like getting here. Why do you like this area so much?

MATT WALLACE: I just think -- I mean, it's the closest for me that you kind of get to home without it being London based. I like the vibe, the chilled vibe, and I like the trees. I mean, it's pretty cool that you've got all the roads in between the trees and the shrubs, the dense growth.

So the golf course itself is nice as well. I like playing here. I've got a good handle of what I want to do on the golf course, and it showed today.

Q. How much did you like doing the angry golfer bit for the European Tour? It's a blast.

MATT WALLACE: It's good, isn't it?

Q. How was it?

MATT WALLACE: It was brilliant. Took about two and a half hours and the outtakes are probably more fun than the actually bit itself. Hopefully they'll come out at some point.

Yeah, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We might take ourselves seriously on the golf course, but still deep down, that is us.

So a lot of the guys, we like taking the Nicky out of each other and (indiscernible) is the forefront of that. It was good fun.

Q. What allowed you to go out there and score so well?

MATT WALLACE: Played good golf and got off to a nice start. The weather was in our favor, and we also had a two-ball out in front of us. We were the second group, and it was nice to just play at our pace. We played pretty fast. Lucas and I kept birdieing the same holes, and it was funny, he rolled in a long one on the par-3 and then I rolled in one on top of him from along there, so that was nice.

And then, yeah, it was a good start, and I know the golf course well enough that I didn't really need to get out there and play this week. Yeah, saved my energy.

Q. Speaking of energy, how are you doing mentally and physically after Valero, Augusta, now here?

MATT WALLACE: Yeah, pretty good. Coming here is a nice place to come and relax, especially the buildup. Competition golf, you need to focus. You can't switch off at any point. For me personally you can't do that.

So I'll relax now. Probably won't do too much in afternoon. I have a long break until my tee time tomorrow and the 4:00 alarm was pretty tough this morning, so planning to have a little rest this afternoon.

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