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April 15, 2021

Harold Varner, III

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Harbour Town Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. Four birdies in your first six holes as you start on the back nine. Describe that beginning to this round, this first round.

HAROLD VARNER, III: Yeah, it was good. Just holed some putts and I was hitting it pretty close. If I hit the green you're going to have a really good look at it.

Just nice to be playing golf again. I took a week off and I just really enjoy playing golf, so it's like, you know, pretty awesome.

Q. I know it's always a thrill for you to play in the Carolinas as well being from nearby.

HAROLD VARNER, III: Yeah, it's pretty easy to make this drive, and I think if I was a tournament director and you're driving distance, you want to support this tournament if possible.

Q. Exciting things happening for you. You were named the first national ambassador for Youth on Course Program. What does that mean to you to be involved in that sort of thing?

HAROLD VARNER, III: Means a lot. It's kind of my journey. I was dropped off at the golf course and golf was accessible. If I can do that for other kids, I just think they'll -- it'll change their lives. Not so much in golf, but I learned a lot from a bunch of old men that taught me a lot of good and bad.

Q. How gratifying is it for you to watch a young person who has maybe never seen a golf club or ball get a smile on their face when they make bit of contact and move the ball out there?

HAROLD VARNER, III: I really don't think much of it because that's not about me. It's about the sport, and like that's the thing I'm struggling with a little bit, it's not my -- I just think that's your job. That's the right thing to do is to give back because other people did that for me.

You know that excitement is what I had as a kid and I would really love every kid to have that chance.

Q. (In progress.)

HAROLD VARNER, III: What went really well was no wind when I tee'd off. That was the best part about it. No, I hit it pretty well. I think I just holed the putts when I got opportunities and I'm just enjoying playing golf.

You know, I'm getting ready for a tournament that is coming close to home in a couple weeks and just want to give myself -- you know, just it's my major I guess for me. In a selfish way I want to play well in front of the home crowd at the Wells Fargo.

I think we need to get going a little bit here. Feel like I went through the motions last -- I got COVID at the beginning of the year. Felt fine, but you're home for 17 days and it's just like -- it's terrible. I don't know.

So, yeah, just today was just good. It's a four-day tournament, so just need to -- it's a great foundation, I guess.

Q. Great start and kept it steady. Did the course play more difficult as the day went on?

HAROLD VARNER, III: No, I don't think I just played as well. No. I don't know. I think I just started off hot and got some looks and just didn't -- couple lip-outs here and there, but I made my fair share.

I just want to have a chance with nine holes to go and we're far from that. Happy to beat the rain I guess that's coming.

Nothing spectacular in my eyes. Just doing what I was supposed to do.

Q. Heard a lot of guys say the course is playing a lot more firm than it had in June, but the scores are really good today. Did you notice a difference?

HAROLD VARNER, III: Seemed like it was softer today than in the practice rounds. I think if it was as firm as it was yesterday and Tuesday I think it would -- couple times would've been unplayable.

It's not my job to set the golf course because I would not do a good job of that.

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