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April 15, 2021

Charles Howell, III

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Harbour Town Golf Links

Quick Quotes

Q. Despite the cloud cover and the temperatures, but that front nine very scorable today.

CHARLES HOWELL, III: Yeah, you know, we didn't quite know what to expect and may be some rain this morning and it wasn't.

I think we played the first seven, eight holes with not much wind, and you don't see that around here very often.

So, yeah, it was a good day for it. Glad we got in before maybe some rain this afternoon.

Q. You're a tour veteran. You've seen this place so many times under different conditions. What is it about this venue that makes it a refreshing, welcome change on the PGA TOUR?

CHARLES HOWELL, III: Yeah, we don't play many, really if any, golf courses like this. Every shot you got to think. There is no, I'm just going to plot a driver and rip it off the tee. Not one hole has that.

So even 18, for example, a wide fairway but you're still worried about carry numbers and run-out numbers.

So I just think it's a golf course that requires you to think on every shot.

If you get off a little bit it can get challenging real quick.

Q. (In progress.) ...when you come here from other places or...

CHARLES HOWELL, III: Well, yes. You do get a different feeling here. It's a golf course where I think more guys pay attention to what they're doing off the tee than any other golf course.

So many golf courses now it's a driver and it's 300 to carry this bunker and hit it. Where here there is a lot more chatter and talk and thought about what am I doing off the tee boxes seemingly than anyplace we play.

Q. What about the island?

CHARLES HOWELL, III: Oh, it's great. So much more relaxed and laid back. Most players, we stay right here. You can walk to the golf course, which is a change.

It's just really nice week. I wasn't in last week, but of all the years I have been in the Masters and come here the week after, it's on just opposite ends of the spectrum.

Q. Would you like to play more courses like this?

CHARLES HOWELL, III: Yeah, because I enjoy -- if you put Waialae is similar to this. Colonial is similar to this. I think most everybody enjoys those golf courses. I really don't hear many guys complain that they don't like Colonial or don't like Harbour Town.

So I would say by and large, not trying to speak for other players, but I think guys enjoy this. Just it's -- you look at Davis Love. Won here five times and he kills it. It's not like a long hitter can't do well here.

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