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April 14, 2021

Stephanie Meadow

Kapolei, Hawaii, USA

Kapolei Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Despite that bogey, as you just said, still 5-under day on the first day in paradise. How are you feeling after day one?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, it was good. I got -- definitely got windy. It was a little difficult to judge.

You know, but I was kind of -- obviously had a great front nine and then a little bit birdie-bogey on the back there at the end, which is a little annoying, but still played really solid.

Q. I was going to say, I could tell that the winds were getting to a lot of different players out here as soon as they were finishing their rounds. What is the strategy you have as you take on and prepare for those kind of winds?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: I mean, honestly, it's just about where you got to miss it. That is the most important thing, and that's pretty much what happened on 18. I took a chance and I thought that I probably shouldn't have, and then you end up in the wrong spot.

So I think that's the key. You can't get super (indiscernible), and if it ends up close, great; if not, it's on the green.

Q. I was going to say, I mean, it kind of helps a 5-under day, three shots off the lead heading into tomorrow. What is there in your mind to work on as you have maybe some easier conditions in the morning?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Not a whole a lot. I mean, just kind of stay aggressive and just play each hole at a time, as corny as it sounds. The winning score here is going to be super low I think if it stays like this.

So, you know, hopefully I can take advantage of a little less wind in the morning.

Q. I was going to say, we saw with the number of birdies that you had through the front and back nine, I've heard this is a gettable course, I've heard this is a second-shot course. Would you agree?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Oh, definitely. I mean, driver, few holes where it's a little tighter, but definitely a second shot and kind of a lot of wedges, too, I think.

Q. We're in Hawaii. How have you prepared for Kapolei and what is it about Hawaii that you're loving so far?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: I love coming here. We all always stay in the same condos is it's right by the beach and it's very relaxing.

Coming to a new golf course is a little extra preparation than before but not a whole lot. What you see is what you get kind of here, which is nice on the preparation side.

But it's hard to be in a bad mood here. Let's be honest.

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