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April 14, 2021

Brianna Do

Tadd Fujikawa

Kapolei, Hawaii, USA

Kapolei Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Brianna Do; 4-under day for you. What was working well for you after a day at Kapolei?

BRIANNA DO: I was driving the ball really well, and then once I got it in the fairway I had a good caddie to help me with my approach and giving the wind enough credit of where it would push the ball or if it hurt or help and stuff.

Just overall a really good solid day.

Q. You talk about with your caddie standing right next to you. But Tadd, how did this partnership come to be?

BRIANNA DO: So I've known Tadd forever. So I have a younger brother as well who played junior golf and so we ran in the same circle in the AJGA.

So I've known Tadd since we were maybe like 12. He reached out to a friend of ours and she already had a caddie and she was like, Hey, Tadd is looking for a caddie, and normally he's not here on the island, and once he became -- I was like, Yeah, I'm going to be here.

I was like, Done. It's a no-brainer. Your home course. You're one of the best golfers on the island. So like why would I not take him? So glad it worked out.

Q. Tadd, this is your home course?

TADD FUJIKAWA: It is, yeah. When I'm back here I usually practice here. So, yeah, it feels like home.

Q. What have you noticed about the way that the ladies are playing Kapolei?

TADD FUJIKAWA: They hit it so straight it's sickening. Yeah, it's a different game out here, you know, just the consistency. With the men's game it's a lot about distance now and that's kind of like the thing.

But, man, these women can hit the ball, I mean, so straight. Putting is unbelievable. Short game is really good. Just solid, solid golf. I mean, boring golf, you know, which is great. That's the kind of golf I want to play.

But, yeah, it is a very different game and it's cool to see a different perspective on it as well.

Q. I was going to say, you've probably played this course 100 times, but what's it like having Brianna as the player you're advising?

TADD FUJIKAWA: It's good because she hits it where I tell her to hit it most of the time, and especially with the driver. I mean, she hit the driver great today. You know, I think she missed one fairway. But, yeah, I think so.

BRIANNA DO: I don't know.

TADD FUJIKAWA: Yeah, overall the whole game was very, very consistent and it was just a good, solid day.

Q. Brianna, what are you going to work on, take from his guidance heading into tomorrow?

BRIANNA DO: He knows the greens very well, so I had him read pretty much almost all my putts and he was spot on. I mean, he was like, Okay, hit it here, and I would hit it there and it would go in or be close.

So that just helps a lot. I mean, with the wind it affects every shot, especially putts, and so just having some local knowledge definitely helps with every shot, let alone just the birdie opportunities and par putts and stuff like that.

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