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April 11, 2021

Cameron Smith

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Cam, what do you think you're learning about this place the more at-bats you get here?

CAMERON SMITH: I don't know, just like the way the wind kind of affects some shots and doesn't on some others. Obviously, the places to leave it is key around here. I think that's about it. You've just got to putt good around here. You've got to know where to miss it, and you've got to putt good.

Q. 15, what are you going to do about that hole? It bit you a couple times this week.

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I just put myself in bad spots laying up. We hit one too far down there one day, and then I got kind of cute and rolled it back into the water, and then the next one, too far back, and it was to a back pin. Yeah, I mean, just poor layups, poor execution.

Q. Are we at the point now, the way you played last year and the good moments this week, are you past the point of consolation prizes? Anything less than winning this is not going to be satisfactory to you, you think from here on out?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I think so. I love the golf course. I just love the shots that it makes you hit. It just really suits my eye. So there's no reason why I can't win here. It's just everything's got to come together one week a year, and I'm sure I'll be up there.

Q. What's your best Hideki Matsuyama story? Anything funny through the years? Team room?

CAMERON SMITH: Not really. He really keeps to himself, to be honest. He's very quiet.

Q. What do you like most about his game?

CAMERON SMITH: I mean, his iron play is ridiculous. Every time I play with him, he hits his irons, and they're nice and close every time. I remember actually playing with him in the last round of the Asian Amateur, the one that he won over in Singapore, I think it was, and he just flushed it all day. We couldn't catch him.

Q. It amuses the reporters when he drops the club and he looks so upset and the ball is 20 feet from the hole. Pro to pro, do you roll your eyes, or does it make you laugh when he does that?

CAMERON SMITH: It makes me laugh. A lot of things make me laugh. But when someone drops their club and hits it to two feet continuously, it's quite funny.

Q. Cam, final round 70 has put you at 3-under to finish the 2021 Masters. How would you rate your week, and does it make you more determined to come back next year?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was a pretty up-and-down week. There was lots of good. Just probably wasn't quite sharp enough with the shots into the green. I think my putting was just a touch out. My speed was a bit out this week. No, but I already can't wait to get back here next year. I want a crack at it again.

Q. Talk about your monster birdie putt on 13. It was one of the best shots we had seen all day.

CAMERON SMITH: Well, I shouldn't have been there in the first place, to be honest. It was a poor layup there. I kind of got unlucky off the tee and thought I hit a better drive than I did. I kind of had to squeeze something down there but ended up with a birdie somehow. I just got the fall line and drilled it down the hill.

Q. For everyone watching at home in Australia, describe the conditions right now, the winds and how fast the greens are.

CAMERON SMITH: It's pretty brutal. Especially when you've got winds like this and you're in amongst the trees down there and it just keeps blowing around, it just -- I mean, you know where it is, but it just messes with your mind a lot. I mean, the greens, they were starting to get pretty spicy again there at the end, so it will be tough for the boys heading in.

Q. Cam, I know you like a beer. After this, do you put your feet up and crack open a couple of Leishman Lagers and cheer your old mate home?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I was looking at the leaderboard all day today. I was hoping Leish would get up there with a bit of a quick start. He doesn't look to have done that, but he loves this place as well. I know he wants to come back here every year, and he's a true contender.

Q. Finally, Cam, I have to ask you about Australia's favorite haircut, your mullet. Can you take the cap off and give Australia a bit of an update. Are you going to get more aggressive on the sides or maybe soften it up?

CAMERON SMITH: It's been a few weeks. I'm a few weeks after a haircut, so it's actually looking pretty -- not as tight as what it should be. So I'll leave my hat on, I think. It's pretty gross.

Q. What does your girlfriend Jordan think of it?

CAMERON SMITH: She hates it. She hates it. She wants to cut it off. I know a lot of people -- I think more than half want me to keep it. So I think I'm going to keep it for the time being.

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