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April 11, 2021

Viktor Hovland

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. So, Viktor, how do you summarize the week here? What do you take away good? What do you take away as frustrations?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, I'm a little disappointed that I at least didn't shoot any round in the 60s. I felt like my game was good enough to do so and shoot a couple of low rounds. There's a lot of good golf that I'm taking with me the next few weeks, especially when I come back here in future years hopefully. But I just made too many mistakes.

Q. You stood here a couple years ago as low amateur. You've now been here two or three years. What do you have to do to be in contention for that green jacket going forward?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: I feel like I have the shots to have a chance to win. Just, again, I made a bunch of birdies every single day. I made four today. I think that was the round I had with the least amount of birdies. So I just need to learn this place a bit more, where not to miss it and all that stuff. I feel like my game is good enough to have a chance.

Q. With the conditions like they were this week, particularly today with this wind, which we know is one of the big challenges here, can you put into perspective what Hideki is doing out there with that score?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, it's very impressive. He's definitely erring on the right sides and obviously hitting a bunch of good shots because there's -- you can strategize this course all you want, but at the end of the day, there's a bunch of shots where you just have to pull them off, and he's clearly doing that.

Q. Speaking of strategizing, sort of a bigger picture, your caddie is an important part of your team at any tournament or any course, but particularly here. What is the division of labor and the preparation during the week, during each day? What does he do for you? And the importance of the caddie by your side?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, he's walked out here a couple times before we've even played and just watching how balls are reacting. He can bring that information to me when I get to that hole.

Then it's just being there to give me a kick in the butt. I was 5-over there through 11 holes, and we had a nice little chat, and we were able to make some birdies coming in. So we have a good relationship, and he helps me out a lot.

Q. Is he responsible for the yardage book, or do you guys share that responsibility?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: He's responsible for the numbers, and then we just discuss the -- yeah, what club we should hit.

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