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April 11, 2021

Cameron Champ

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you summarize your round today?

CAMERON CHAMP: It went okay. I mean, again, this course, I really didn't hit a bad shot. I hit one bad shot today, and on 10, somehow it stays above the lip of the bunker. I have no idea how, and I make double there. If I make par there, I shoot 2-under and it would have been an even better day. Nothing negative to take from it.

Q. Was it nice almost getting an ace there on 16?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I thought I had action there. When it landed and it kept going, I thought, this could be pretty good, but it just stopped short. But it was a perfect number, perfect club.

Q. As you look through this week, with Lee Elder at the honorary starter ceremony to having your family here with you for their first time here to that last walk up the 18th fairway, how would you summarize your week?

CAMERON CHAMP: It went good. Like I said, I'm going to take a lot of positives from it. My game is trending in the right direction. It's just nice, starting to see it slowly. Did I make a lot of mistakes? Yes, but again, this course will do that to you, and like you said, with Lee Elder and my family being here, it definitely made for me kind of feeling like it's my first Masters a little more special.

Like I said, going to take a lot of positives from it and learn from it and come back next time.

Q. Your second Masters here playing; how do you think you played different or how would you compare this time around versus November?

CAMERON CHAMP: Dramatically different. It's not even the same course. November versus April are two different places. You know, you can get away with a lot more things in November versus this year. Again, and plus the wind is blowing. The wind wasn't blowing in November. When you add wind and then you add how firm it was Thursday and Friday and obviously the last two days have been softened, but again, it's championship golf. With some of the pins they had today, like the one on 11, you have to just play out right. If you pull it over there you do, but then some holes like 8 and 9 are kind of accessible if you're in the fairway. Like I said, there's plenty of pins you can go at and certain other ones you've got to take your par and at worst bogey and just walk away.

Q. Outside of the course itself, what were the differences experience-wise between this one and November?

CAMERON CHAMP: You said course conditions?

Q. No, aside from the course conditions.

CAMERON CHAMP: Not much, really. Obviously fans, just having people here, but not much to be honest. Obviously it's the same pins, relatively. They might have changed a few up, but it's kind of similar what we saw as far as course setup, as far as pin locations, but I think everything else was different.

Q. What do you think your grandfather would have said if he would have been here with your family to witness you here for the first time?

CAMERON CHAMP: Oh, he would have been thrilled. Like I said, this was one of his dreams to be here and to walk. Obviously if he was still alive he probably would have had to have a little cart to get around. But yeah, he'd be ecstatic. Like I said, this is the one place he wanted to go, and obviously it was just my rookie year, so I was trying to get there as fast as I could, but obviously I was a little bit late, but I know he's looking down on us.

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