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April 10, 2021

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. What are your thoughts on that round?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It was two rounds. I was playing great before the delay, and then I didn't afterwards. I mean, it's just a shame. I was really playing well. The golf course was playing very difficult, and I just couldn't adjust to the green speeds when I got back out. There was more to it than that, but had a lot of putts that I missed that were short just because of how much slower the greens were, but everybody had to adjust to it, and I just didn't do it as well as everybody else.

Q. How much slower did you think they were?

JUSTIN THOMAS: A lot. I mean, from what they were, they were getting dry, they were getting close to what they were Thursday, but again, that's not an excuse. I had time to hit putts before I went out. I just didn't adjust accordingly. But yeah, it just sucks to shoot yourself pretty much out of it in a 10-hole stretch.

Q. Was 13 more physical mistakes or mental mistakes?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Just physical. I just chunked it. I couldn't really lay it up to a number that I wanted to because of the shot I had to hit, and it was fine. I even told myself, it's not a good number, just get it past the hole, and I sometimes forget kind of how steep that is, and it being into the grain like that, I wanted to hit it up in the air a little bit, and I probably just got stuck behind it trying to lift it in the air, and I just chunked it. Then I kind of boned the chip shot, and it's a putt I knew was just so fast, and it wasn't. Tony and I talked about it. He watched my putt, and he tried to hit his harder, and he still left it two feet short. It was so hard for me to adjust to it out there.

Q. How do you kind of put this round behind you and go into tomorrow?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I don't really have much of a choice. I just have to forget about it and try to do something historic tomorrow. I have yet to have a hot round with my putter out here, and hitting it well enough to where I can make a lot of birdies, and with the rain and the typical Sunday setup, I just need to go out and try to shoot 10- or 11-under and see where it puts me.

Q. You've talked about that before, where you've kind of struggled with your putting here. Is there something that you think it might be?

JUSTIN THOMAS: No, I putted pretty well the first two days. I didn't hole much. I putted beautifully, and your speed has to be so perfect out here on a lot of putts, and that's what we focused on hard this week, and I felt like I was getting better at matching it up, and then today happened, and then all my speed kind of went down the drain.

I mean, it's just hard to make putts out here. You have to be creative and kind of see it and feel it in a little bit, and I feel like it's something I'm good at, I just haven't quite done it here. Hopefully tomorrow is the day that makes up for the last five years or six years.

Q. On 14, your second shot, the camera caught you doing this --

JUSTIN THOMAS: I'm fine. I don't know what happened. I've been playing golf I don't know how long now, and I've never in my life got a flier out of pine straw. That just doesn't happen. I hit it, and I think there was like a rock under my ball, but I just immediately -- it kind of jarred my wrist a little bit. My wrist is fine, but it just scared me because it's what's been bothering me. I think it was more just kind of like stretching it out behind my back, but no, I'm fine. It worried me at first because I felt it and I heard it, and I was worried my wrist was hurt, but it was fine.

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