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April 10, 2021

Cameron Champ

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Not the greatest performance today. How did you feel coming in after today's round?

CAMERON CHAMP: Not too good. Really didn't play that bad, just couldn't get it going, get anything going, made too many mistakes, and this place will penalize you for that.

Q. 17, were you going for a bunker there, or were you just trying to get it out of the --

CAMERON CHAMP: I mean, bunker was my only play. If I pulled it off and I hooded it enough, it might get on, but really trying to get in the bunker and give myself the best chance at an up-and-down.

Q. Did the course feel any different after the break?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it was extremely soft. The greens were a lot slower. I learned that the first few holes. Yeah, so I think the rest of the way, it definitely played softer. My 7-iron stuck on 15. The other day, you had to land it on the front to keep it on. Kind of the same on 17; even that bunker shot checked up, and I wasn't expecting that at all. It definitely softened up.

Q. How much did that break kind of throw off your rhythm a little bit? You come in, second shot into the 10th green, and then you have a pause.

CAMERON CHAMP: It didn't throw me off too much. I just think with how soft it got kind of threw me off. And even Si Woo hit a few putts that came up short and usually would not come up short. We just had to try to adjust on the fly. Obviously, I was not able to do that too well.

Q. Not sure what the weather is going to look like, but can you learn from today what you can expect tomorrow?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, if we get more rain, it's probably going to play like this tomorrow. So really attack everything, if that's the case. Obviously, the first few days, things were firm, and you had to really respect certain pins because you didn't know how it would react since some greens were a little bit different than others. But if it's like this tomorrow, I think you'll definitely see scores a lot lower throughout the field.

Q. On the front nine there, a solid start, and you kind of had some issues there. What kind of happened?

CAMERON CHAMP: Nothing much. I didn't really hit many bad shots to be quite honest. You miss your spots by a yard, you can get penalized, like I said. I shot 2-over, and I really didn't feel like I did shoot 2-over. Again, that's golf. That's how this place can be. Golf can be brutal at times, even when you feel like you're playing good.

So I guess I'll come out tomorrow and just give it all I've got. Thank you.

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