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April 9, 2021

Robert MacIntyre

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Ask you about the way they pair groups here, and you played with Mike Weir as a first timer. How valuable was that for you? Was there any interaction or just watching him? How was that?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: No, we got on great, all of us. I mean, C.T. as well. Mike's obviously a past champion, a fellow lefty, so it was good to see the experienced guy play it. Obviously, a great guy as well.

Q. Was there a lot of interaction? Did he point out things?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: No, there was no guidance in how to get around the golf course. I mean, I play golf slightly different from how he plays golf. So I learned as much as I could before the tournament. When I'm in tournament mode, it's --

Q. Who did you lean on pre-tournament to do some of this?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Patrick Reed, I'd done some work with him, and also Martin Laird. They were both on the front nine. It was good to have that kind of guys to look up to, and they respect me as much as I respect them. They can give me some advice when I ask for it.

Q. Anything in particular you learned from these folks about tackling this golf course?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: It's just little parts of it where, if you're out of position, where you can hit it and where you can't hit it. Sometimes short side is actually a good thing because you've got slope to use. It takes a while at this place, as everyone knows, and I feel like I'm starting to figure out where I can hit it and where I can't hit it.

Obviously, different pin positions Saturday to Sunday, so it's going to be a different task when you're out of position.

Q. What's the biggest difference between yesterday and today for you?

ROBERT MACINTYRE: For me, it was I didn't miss a putt from, I don't know, inside -- I mean, I missed one putt from inside about ten feet. Other than that, that's where my golf is. If I don't miss a putt in, say, ten feet, I score well. I've worked hard on it, me and my coaches. It's a reward for putting in the practice and learning the golf course as good as I could.

Q. You played well yesterday. When you came back today, how did you feel on the 1st tee? It was earlier and not quite as windy, I imagine.

ROBERT MACINTYRE: Yeah, it wasn't bad. Yesterday the nerves, I was shaking on the 1st tee. It's normal here, but I wanted to get right back in the golf tournament. I wasn't worried about anything other than getting back in the golf tournament. That's what I went and done. I'm going to have a chance over the weekend if I can post a good one tomorrow.

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