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April 8, 2021

Jason Kokrak

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice little bounce back today, especially with that little cherry on top at 18. You felt that was going in maybe?

JASON KOKRAK: I definitely can't see the green, but I was listening for the cheers around the green. I'm more than pleased with the round after the start I had. I can't complain, but definitely a good shot into 18.

Q. Was there something that clicked or something different those last seven holes as opposed to the first 11?

JASON KOKRAK: I've been really struggling with the driver, really since the beginning of the year. I think something clicked on the back nine. I stuck with the swing thought and hit a couple good tee balls and made a couple nice putts. On 15, tough bunker shot on the downslope. I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep it within -- a great bunker shot would have been 10, 12 feet, so nice to make that one.

You've got to be aggressive where you can and not aggressive where you get out of position.

Q. Saw a stat the other day. I don't know if you're aware of this, but you play really well on tough golf courses. Does that sound about right? Are you aware of this?

JASON KOKRAK: I'm not really aware of this. I could see where I would play better on tough golf courses. I have to shoot 20, 23 under par to win. I have a high ball flight. A lot of these pins that guys are having to play away from, I don't really have to because maybe I'm 10 or 15 yards past, but I'm hitting one or two less clubs in there, and the ball is stopping a lot faster for me than some of the other guys out here.

Q. Do you feel comfortable at Augusta National?

JASON KOKRAK: No. You know, I think it's just a golf course that baits you into being a little bit greedy at times. I think, if you stay patient, like I did today, I mean, even my caddie D. Rob told me, he's like stay patient, and we started hitting some good shots, made a couple putts, and got it under par.

Q. I know the course is playing a lot differently than it did in November, but does just having been here once before help you now that you're here again?

JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, no question. Being here the one time obviously was different conditions. We had basically a monsoon, very tough to get a golf course in championship form. But nonetheless, you know where not to hit it around this place, even with soft greens. But I think playing with a couple veterans yesterday, just watching where they're pitching from and watching some of the putts that they hit.

I think sticking to my game plan and not getting overly greedy and being aggressive when I got a good club in my hand.

Q. What was the toughest part of the conditions today?

JASON KOKRAK: You know what, if you got it in some bad spots, chipping was really tough because you really couldn't hit the spinner shot. You'd have to use a gap wedge or sand wedge and kind of bump it into the hill or putt it. Around the greens is a little sticky, but once you get it on the putting surface, it's lightning. It's tough nonetheless. Any bad shot, it's really tough to get it down in two.

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