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April 7, 2021

Kevin Kisner

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, still working a lot of pitch shots around the greens, just trying to get used to how firm the greens are and how the different shots are going to react. It's going to be a big week on angles with how firm they are. It's the real Augusta again. Looking forward to it.

Q. Is there something with your putting that made you go over to the putting green?

KEVIN KISNER: No, I just wanted to -- that green has a more defined break than the tournament practice area. The tournament practice area is very flat.

Q. When we talked a couple months ago, you said that your scoring on the par 5s is pretty key for you around here. Is that still the case?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, for sure. Definitely need to get 2 and 13 every day, and then 15 is so dependent on how far you have in and where the flag is. Some days it's okay to make par there depending on the conditions. And then 8, I just can't get to 8. So I have to hit a really good wedge shot or pitch shot up there to have a good look.

Q. I know you can get to 13, but can you get to 2?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I can get to 2. I hit 3 iron in there yesterday. It's firmer in the fairways. I wish the fairways were as firm as the greens. It would make it a lot more fun.

Q. So no par 3 today? That's kind of a bummer for the kids?

KEVIN KISNER: No doubt. I've got old enough kids to really enjoy it now. My oldest is coming out tomorrow. She thinks she's going to walk and watch. We'll see how far she makes it.

Q. I saw some of the kids wearing the caddie suits today. Is that something they offered you all or an option?

KEVIN KISNER: Not that I know of.

Q. I saw Robert Streb's kids were wearing it?

KEVIN KISNER: I don't know. Mine aren't coming out until tomorrow. My two little ones aren't big enough.

Q. There's a rumor going around that you took Viktor Hovland over to Palmetto?

KEVIN KISNER: I did. Him and Brian Harman came and played with me on Saturday afternoon after you guys would get out of our way.

Q. Yeah, I saw you when I was going down 11.

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, we were playing 7. I saw you riding down the hill.

Q. All right. How did they like it?

KEVIN KISNER: They loved it. Victor was talking about moving here for Palmetto. I said, it's not always in this condition. It is the member-guest this weekend.

No, we had a great time. He made like nine birdies in 15 holes and beat my brains in on my home track.

Q. So you got any winning score predictions for this week?

KEVIN KISNER: I think it will be in the same neighborhood it always is when it's in these conditions, 10 to 12 under. I think you'll see some more interesting shots than November.

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