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July 23, 2005

Craig Stadler


Q. You managed to stay right there with Watson, you're only one behind going into tomorrow. Tell us about it.

CRAIG STADLER: It was pretty good going out. I hit a bad tee shot on nine that, really, only, that was the only shot I misplayed the whole front nine.

But coming in it was a bit interesting. I hit, I didn't hit a very good tee shot on 12, after waiting for about 20 minutes. And then hit probably the best shot I hit all week for the second shot. I hit a little 5 wood, I hit right into that little hill short of the green. And I just remember that being hard and fast. And thought I hit a pretty good chip shot, left it 20 feet short. And I watched Des's putt roll 25 feet by and then left the next one six feet short and missed that. And did it again on the next hole. Fortunately, made the second one. But two horrendous putts in a row there. And then the bad swing when I was just trying to cup it low and run it into the bunker on 15 down the hill.

Q. That wasn't pretty down there, was it?

CRAIG STADLER: On 15, that low draw is not a forte of mine. I just got a little quick and I won't say Des's Irish luck I almost left it on the six tee down there. But it should have been bogey. I hit a good third shot and then hit a good putt. And then I hit a good putt on 16 as well and didn't hit a very good putt on 18. But made a good birdie on 17.

So just kind of, you know, a little piecemeal, a few ugly shots and got it in 1 under, which is probably a little better than I might have deserved. But I could have been three or four under on the front nine with some putts pretty easily.

Q. We're looking forward to the challenge tomorrow. I'm sure you are as well.

CRAIG STADLER: It's going to be fun.

Q. That was tough work coming back, wasn't it, for you?

CRAIG STADLER: It's been tough every day coming back. I'm just, you know, I hit some good shots coming in, but I just have had some problems with the wind every day. And I got my distances better today, but just hit a couple poor tee shots on 12 and again on whatever it is, 13 maybe, or 15. 15, I guess. And a couple horrid putts on 12 and 13. But other than that I hit some good shots and I hit good putts for par on 15, good putt for birdie on 16. Just a half an inch short and let them break off.

Q. But all in all you must be looking forward to that final day, just one behind.

CRAIG STADLER: Yeah, it will be fun. I went out 1 under on the front today and probably could have easily been four, if I had made some putts. But like I say, just two bad swings and they both, they both set me off a little bit and made two bogeys, which I shouldn't have, but.

Q. Given the conditions are similar to today do you think you've got to shoot a 67, 68 to win it?

CRAIG STADLER: Who knows. You don't know what the conditions are going to be and you don't even think about it until you get up and get out here in the morning.

Q. Okay. Enjoy it.


Q. A battle of Major champions in a Major championship. Looking forward to tomorrow?

CRAIG STADLER: I am. Kind of stumbled a bit with a couple shots coming in, but a good birdie on 17. Should have made hit two good putts on 15, 16, didn't go. But after the putts I hit on 12 and 13, my God, I was just happy to get something within five feet of the hole.

End of FastScripts.

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