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April 5, 2021

Cameron Smith

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Last year you became the first golfer in the 84-year history of the Masters to score all four rounds in the 60s. How does it feel to be back at Augusta?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it's great. Just went and played nine holes this afternoon. The course is already so much different to what it was last year, so it'll be a different challenge, but nonetheless, looking forward to the challenge.

Q. Looked like you shared a lot of smiles and a lot of laughs out there with Adam. Talk about playing those nine holes with Adam.

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, we play practice rounds most weeks. Just have a bit of a laugh. Obviously Scottie I think has been here about 20 years, so he knows a lot more about the course than what I do. Obviously pick his brain a little bit here and there, but yeah, just a good time really.

Q. What did you talk about during those nine holes?

CAMERON SMITH: Just certain pin locations, where he lays up on par-5s for those pins. I mean, that's about it, to be honest. There's no real trick around here. You just need to play good golf.

Q. 15-under last year, the lowest score not to win the Masters. When you're in a situation like last year, how do you keep that balance between keeping your eye on your own game but keeping an eye on a leader like Dustin?

CAMERON SMITH: It was pretty crazy to be honest. I was just really doing my own thing. My caddie and I had little laughs out on the course trying to keep it as light as possible, and just tried to apply as much pressure as we could.

I think we did a pretty good job, he was just too good.

Q. You're certainly trending in the right direction, two top-5 finishes. What have you and your coach Grant Field been working on to get yourself that first green jacket?

CAMERON SMITH: It's just the same stuff, to be honest. It's so boring. It's like a -- I don't know, it's just like a revolving door. You go good, you think you're on the right track and then it goes back the other way and then you just restart the process.

No, it's good that we know what's going on, but it's sometimes frustrating that it's the same thing all the time.

Q. Has Grant been out during the pandemic? You've not seen him since the start --


Q. Can you explain the challenges of that? Has it been tough?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it's been tough. Obviously sometimes it's nice to be hands on. I know Grant likes to be here, obviously, so he can see everything. I send him videos and we do a FaceTime session with Pinner, myself and Grant probably once or twice a week, so it's good in the sense that we've stayed in contact through that, but I'm sure slogan, I know I want him here, as well, just so he can see kind of everything how I've been playing. He hasn't seen me play. That's probably the biggest thing.

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