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April 4, 2021

Hubert Hurkacz

Miami, Florida, USA

Press Conference

H. HURKACZ/J. Sinner

7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations, even if you beat my compatriot and friend of yours. How did you surprise him? What was the key of your success, something that maybe he didn't expect? You were playing with much more variety than him: dropshot, coming to the net, changing pace. Was that the strategy?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Thank you very much. I mean, yeah, like to be able to win against Jannik, you need to come up with some really good stuff. I mean, he's amazing player and amazing person, as well. Such a great competitor. I mean, he's gonna have amazing future.

Yeah, obviously I was trying to stay as solid as I can, because he can hit the balls so hard and, like, if you let him do that, like, he's just gonna run around.

So I was just trying to keep his pace and be able to fight for each ball. That's what I was trying to do there.

Q. Firstly, can you explain what it felt like when Sinner's return went out on that match point? What did it feel like to be winning the biggest title of your career? And also, in that second set there was points to go up 5-Love and he came back into the set. How concerned were you at that stage? Two parts there.

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I mean, I was super happy that he missed this shot at the end. I mean, super, super happy that I was able to lift that biggest trophy of my life so far, so that's something special for me.

Yeah, I mean, I had chances to go up 5-Love in the second set and he came back. He started to play better. I got a little bit nervous. I mean, he took the chance and it was very close there.

So, I mean, he came back and I was just trying to fight to get my level higher to be able to win some extra points there.

Q. Congratulations, and well deserved. With the big three absent from this tournament, I'm wondering what your thoughts are about the way the next generation fared overall in this tournament, including yourself, I guess, and what it says about this group and the future of men's tennis?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I mean, like the big three absent here in this tournament, I think like all the next gen guys were trying their best to play their best game, to compete as hard as they can. I mean, hopefully the spectators enjoyed it and liked it.

I mean, like, Jannik is amazing competitor and player, and, I mean, like I think he's great for the sport. Also like couple other guys. I mean, hopefully, I mean, it's not for me to judge but hopefully, like, all the people enjoyed watching us and supporting us players play here in Miami.

Q. Congratulations. Well done. Swiatek of course won the French Open, and now about five months or so later another huge title for Poland. Back in Poland, Fibak said this is a thrilling adventure for all of us, just wonderful. Put it in the context of your native country, what it means to you and coming off the win by Swiatek in Paris.

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I mean, like I was super proud of Iga. What she has done there in French Open was amazing. I think that gave the belief for us, for me, myself, and the younger players in Poland that it's possible to win those big titles.

Yeah, I mean, hopefully like with my game, I can also like inspire some people in Poland and hopefully they enjoyed it there. Yeah, I'm super, super proud to be Polish, and I'm thankful for all the support that I get.

Q. Congratulations. I have a two-part question. First of all, if you could just describe, how did you find the atmosphere here? You know, normally it's many, many more people here and everything, but how did you find the atmosphere with the fans and in general the tournament over the two-week period? Then my second question is you played doubles with Jannik. I'm just wondering, he said on the court that you're his best friend on the tour. What is your relationship with him? How did you first meet each other? What is your relationship?

HUBERT HURKACZ: So, I mean, I think the atmosphere here like at the final, the later stages of the tournament was great. The people were loud and cheering for us. Obviously it would be nicer to have the full capacity of the stadium, but it felt nice, really nice. I mean, I really enjoy Florida, Miami. So that was great.

I mean, regarding your second question, I probably like hit with Jannik like on the challenger in Italy when I first got into top 100, so that was maybe like three years ago or even a little bit more. I mean, he was just like -- I think he might have like lost in quallies there, but he was practicing every single day.

I was seeing him like in 2019, like, practicing in Monte-Carlo. Then getting some wildcards and playing well in the ATP events. Like he was just practicing there. I mean, always seemed super nice. He's just like very, very professional. He really wants to improve and get better. So, I mean, super, super cool guy. I mean, I wish him all the best for the future.

Q. Congratulations. It was an amazing week. I want to ask about making it to the top 20, and I wanted to ask you if you felt like this was perhaps the best you have ever played? I know the result was the best result you have ever gotten, but do you think that something clicked and made this the best tennis you have ever played?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I played one of the best tennis I ever played. I was solid throughout the whole tournament, and I was able to get through each round, was even more pumped for the next round. So I think that's something special for me.

Yeah, my tennis is getting better. I mean, we work hard with my coach, CB, and super happy that it happened here. Like, yeah, we still need to improve couple of things and just try to get better each day.

Q. Great win. So much congrats. Today I thought I saw a bit more variety in your game, and especially you came to the net a couple times during some pretty big points and had some nice volleys. How happy are you with that side of your game and how you handled the big-pressure moments today?

HUBERT HURKACZ: I had to compete really hard today. Jannik is amazing player, so I just had to mix up something couple of times and to change the rhythm, because obviously like his groundstrokes are super powerful. He can, like, push you out of the court, so I didn't want this to happen. So I was just trying to stay aggressive and then be able like to fight for each ball.

Q. Obviously this is the biggest win of your career. To win a title like this is not something you're used to. It's new for you. It's a great experience. How do you come down from the high before going into your next tournament and not get carried away with this? Because so often we can see where a player has a big upset win or wins a big title and the next event or the next match they suffer a bit of a letdown. How do you think you can counteract that?

HUBERT HURKACZ: (No audio) ...counteract it a bit, because, I mean, obviously like super pumped now, like big, huge tournament for me, like that's my biggest title ever. So I think, I mean, I just need to take it step by step and just to try to be the same, just to improve every single day and try to get better, because all the guys are working and I need to get better too to be able to beat them.

Q. In your mind, in your own opinion, has what you can accomplish against the best players in the world, now that you're in the top 20, now that you're a Masters champion, has it changed? Do you now think that more is possible than maybe you did at the beginning of the season?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I had a big belief in myself like from the beginning of the season. Winning the tournament like this like gives you extra, I think, like motivation and self-confidence that, okay, like, you're able to do it, like you came through like some really like hard moments here, and you just like try to, yeah, do it.

Q. Congratulations on your victory today. Is it a coincidence that have won two tournaments this year in Florida, you're undefeated? Is there any explanation for this?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I mean, like last year I spent so much time in Florida. I was here like almost half of the year. So, like, that was I think pretty -- I mean, we were working hard, and I think I'm used to the conditions. So that's I think been part of the success I had here in Florida.

Q. Congratulations. Great tournament. This year 2021 you have been embedded in Florida winning all of your matches. How does this shape your expectations for future matches?

HUBERT HURKACZ: So, I mean, obviously like now be lifting the biggest trophy of my life so far. Like, I mean, I will just try to still get better each day and try to work on things with CB to be a better player, better competitor.

Yeah, I will focus on the step that we're doing, so we are just trying to improve each day and, yeah, this tournament was the effect of that. Like, I mean, so super, super happy with it.

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