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April 3, 2021

Shanshan Feng

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Shanshan, as soon as the wind started picking up, definitely got a little bit more challenging. How do you think you fared today?

SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think overall I did okay. I mean, I hit the balls very well. Only thing I was missing a little bit was my putting today. I was just struggling with the speed a little bit.

But other than that, I think it was perfect.

Q. What was it like being back in the final group today? This is your first event since 2019 and here you are in contention again.

SHANSHAN FENG: I don't even remember when was last time I was in the final group, but I'm so happy to be paired with Patty today. She's an amazing player. I actually learned a lot from her. Even though I mean she's a long hitter, I'm not, but I still learn a lot from her.

I'm very happy to see the young coming talents on the tour. It was hard to keep up with her, but I think I still gave my best.

Q. What were some of the things you learned?

SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think in the past I would say that if you're long hitter then may be your short game is not as good. Or if your short game is super good you're not as long.

Now the girls are long, straight, good short game, everything is good. So that's what I've learned. So I would say that both technically, mentally, has improved a lot in the game.

So I think I would still have to try to beat the -- myself and then try to be better and better.

Q. Couple things. We keep waiting for the rust or the jet lag to set in. It never seems to come. Do you feel as fresh now as you did when you landed?

SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, well, actually I came back more than two weeks ago so I think I've got through the jet lag already.

And, yes, I'm mentally very fresh, but I would say that I am a little more tired than the beginning of the week. But I'm very happy that I got three down and just one more to go. I think I still have enough energy for that.

Q. When you say you learned a lot from watching Patty, I'm wondering if you think you're seeing the future of the women's game.


Q. That it's becoming much more of a bomber's game now.

SHANSHAN FENG: Yes, I would say that I do think all the girls, they just improved a lot. They learned in the right ways, which maybe when we grew up we were still trying to find the right ways.

Yeah, so I think now they got everything together and they're so ready. I'm just so happy to see that, and I hope that now we have some very good talents from Thailand, Japan, Korea, America, and I hope to see our Chinese talents coming up.

Q. Were you aware that you've become a social media darling over the last few days?

SHANSHAN FENG: Not really. (Laughter) well, I think that's what I said to my playing partners. I said, Well I've been the same, still the same Shanshan, still the same Jenny Money. It's always my personality on the course and off the course. I love to show it, too.

But I guess people just maybe forgot me because I been away for so long, so I think they're happy to finally see some personalities on the tour, which is a good thing.

Q. So going into tomorrow how do you feel about being fie shots back?

SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I would say that I know Patty is going to play well tomorrow. I know that from the way she's playing. And what I can do is enjoy the whole process again, enjoy that four or five hours on the course.

My goal this week was just actually to make the cut and shoot maybe red numbers, and I think now I've done pretty well so far, so I'm happy about my result and hopefully just another good day tomorrow and I can rest.

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