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August 30, 2002

Alex Corretja



Q. Alex, same time, next year.

ALEX CORRETJA: Yeah, deja vu, no?

Q. That's it, deja vu. Play him the same way, you use the same tactic? Did you have to change?

ALEX CORRETJA: No, if I play the same way and the same tactics, I will be killed again, you know? Last year, I think I play pretty bad. I hope this year I'm gonna play much better, of course. So I will definitely have to do something different, starting from my mind. That's already started few weeks ago. So I'm glad of that.

Q. Are you a better player than you were a year ago in the third round of the US Open?

ALEX CORRETJA: I am a better mental player, which it helps a lot. Physically, I feel good. I think I'm playing better tennis. But that I have to show it on the court. The last few weeks I been showing it already.

Q. Of course, Roddick will be a better player, too.

ALEX CORRETJA: Yeah, definitely. He was kind of underdog before, last year. Now he's a player which is already 11 or 10 in the world. He has to show his abilities, you know. Of course he looks really motivated. As show him little bit today. He was pumped. Is normal. He's playing in his place. He would love to win here. I will have to play really good to beat him.

Q. Take his serve deep behind the baseline?

ALEX CORRETJA: I don't know yet. I didn't think about it. But of course I will have to see if I just step behind the baseline or just go for it. I will have to decide that with my coach.

Q. You know you saw him against Rusedski at Wimbledon. Rusedski maybe exposed his backhand a little bit in that match. Is that maybe where you attacked?

ALEX CORRETJA: I didn't see anything about Wimbledon, and less about Rusedski and Roddick. Of course, he has a better forehand. His serve is big weapon. Of course, his backhand is a little weak. But still he's a great player.

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