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April 1, 2021

Bronte Law

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Bronte, what a fantastic round. Talk a little bit about how your round went today and some highlights.

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, just played really solid. I think obviously the key here is to hit lots of fairways, lots of greens. I did that. Had a really nice start.

Just took advantage of the holes that hit good shots on, and was patient on the tougher pins, played smart.

Yeah, just obviously it's first day, so always nice to get a good score on the board to start the week.

Q. And when I asked you how you had done last week you were like, Last week is last week. Anything you did last week to this week to change form to open a major in such good fashion?

BRONTE LAW: I've been playing well. My game has been trending, so just the same stuff really. I think when you see improvements week in and week out, obviously -- you want people back home to see the scores but I've been very happy the way the game has been trending.

Been working really hard and I think that to see that that's paying off is key. Just going to continue preparing the way that I have been doing.

Q. And is there anything in particular you've been working on?

BRONTE LAW: There is always lots of various different things. All round just trying to improve each area a little bit. I think it's hard to make huge strides in this game. It's never really one area.

Certainly putted a lot better today than I had been doing the last couple weeks, which I think will show in the stats. But the greens here are great. I think it helps to putt on good greens.

Obviously when you kind of are confident with where the putt is going to go you're going to more likely make a good stroke out of it.

Q. And the course is in immaculate condition, playing hard and fast. Does that suit you? Obviously today...

BRONTE LAW: I wouldn't say suit. Like it's -- I just go out there and play. I don't really worry about this suits me or this doesn't suit me. I think you just have to go out and play each shot as it plays.

If you get built up into too much of thinking of the golf course as just playing one particular way, then it's going to catch you out. I think it's out there, and if you play smart and respect it -- like any major, it's not necessarily a lot of pin seeking, but when you have a short club in your hand, take your opportunities.

Q. And as the first major of the year, that was obviously something you been working up to. Might account for the sort of great form arriving into a major.

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I've just been working a lot harder in general. Changed my team slightly.

Q. Coaching team or...

BRONTE LAW: No, I have a new trainer, so been making a lot adjustments with him and really have been enjoying that process. So, yeah, just...

Q. What adjustment or would you rather not talk about it?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, just in order to increase consistency and be able to hit it a little bit further, I think like anyone out here is working on. There is no secret formula to success. It's hard work. I think having a good team behind you is key. My coach has been working really hard back in the U.K., always there if I need to send him videos and doing FaceTime calls, and having my dad out with me a couple weeks back was huge.

He's been really helping me. He knows my swing better than anyone. Just to have him out here and him telling me that I'm doing the right things, working hard, and it will come, is nice definitely.

Q. That's so good he got out. Have you been home at all?


Q. Hoping to in the summer obviously for...

BRONTE LAW: I've given up on trying to plan when I can go home and stuff. It's almost impossible to predict. Obviously I will be going back for the Scottish and the British, but in terms of like looking any further than that, it's impossible right now. Travel isn't the same these days.

Q. Will your dad try and come out again?

BRONTE LAW: I don't know. I don't know. I really appreciate the time I had with him and I think he really enjoyed it too. Not been able to spend this much time with him in a long time and I was very grateful that I got that.

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