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March 31, 2021

Georgia Hall

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. First major the year. How is your form?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, feeling, you know, pretty well. I took -- I was over in the U.S. on the two weeks off, and, you know, got a lot of the like preparation in and worked on a few things.

So I think that was the right choice, to kind of stay over. And, yeah, I mean, the course is in fantastic shape here and really looking forward it. It's one of my favorites places to kind of play, like a lot of players.

But, yeah, I'm feeling pretty confident going in. Look forward to teeing up tomorrow.

Q. When did you come out?

GEORGIA HALL: It was like the whole week before Lake Nona event, so I'm not sure what that was. I've been away now, I don't know, six weeks now, but enjoying it.

Q. And last week you missed the cut but you felt coming out it was (indiscernible).

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, it's my second missed cut in 18 months, so, I mean, it's not really -- you know, like you're always going to have a couple shots here or there, maybe get a triple one hole, and that kind of took me out of it.

I tried to battle back from there. Second day was pretty good. I played pretty good. But when you play some of the events you are going to miss a couple putts. It's just what happens, and you move on and.

I wasn't too down about it. Obviously I was disappointed, but like I said, second missed cut in 18 months, it is what it is.

Q. (Indiscernible).

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, exactly. So I was --

Q. You got here early.

GEORGIA HALL: Oh, yeah, so I went here on Sunday and I was putting forehand and obviously got settled in. Yeah, this is the first major and one of my goals this year is to really play better in the majors throughout, even in the U.S.

Yeah, I'm excited.

Q. Is there anything specific you've done to change?

GEORGIA HALL: Yes. It's more like I prioritize kind of leading up to it, and like I said, normally maybe I would've gone home in the two weeks off and I've decided to stay.

So that's -- I was really kind of thinking about my golf and trying to practice in the nice weather rather than in England where everything is locked down.

I don't think that would've been the best preparation. I've got six weeks of events coming up, so I wanted to do the best to kind of practice for them.

Q. And is there anything else that's different about your game this week?

GEORGIA HALL: Everything is the same. I been working a little bit more on my putting and just kind of little tweaks in the swing, but it's most of all just kind of keep things pretty simple and go out there and enjoy it really and not put any pressure on yourself. I've got nothing to be pressured about and I'm happy in my life and everything, so just go out there and have fun.

Q. How do you feel about the 18th green, how it looks?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think it's great decision. I think a lot of players will be laying up now. I don't think you'll see hardly anyone going for it because the greens are probably the firmest I've seen them, and you can't (indiscernible) the ball.

So I will definitely be laying up unless I have an 8-iron in.

Q. (Indiscernible).

GEORGIA HALL: Yes, probably like 7- or 8-iron where I can stop it. The greens are pretty firm and you don't want to make a mess of that hole.

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