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March 27, 2021

Iga Swiatek

Miami, Florida, USA

Press Conference

A. KONJUH/I. Swiatek

6-4, 2-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your thoughts on the match.

IGA SWIATEK: Well, you know, it was a tough one. I think Ana was playing really good. As she said in her postmatch interview, I read it on Twitter, she tried to make points (indiscernible) as she can and didn't want to give me time on my forehand. I think that was pretty good tactics.

She was playing really aggressively and kind of risky but the balls went in, so I assume that she's in good shape right now.

I was waiting sometimes for her mistakes, and she did more mistakes in second set, but I thought that in the third she kind of came back and also was really consistent.

The only thing I'm like angry about is my second serve because she was attacking it a lot of times, and I didn't really had any idea what should I change. She put a lot of pressure on me, and that's why I was making more double faults than usual. But, you know, it happens.

Yeah, I'm really happy for her that she's playing so good after so many problems that she had. I think she's a good example of, you know, a nice comeback and just believing in yourself. It's really nice.

Q. Now that the hard court season is over and we are going to move on to clay, can you just reflect on the start of your season and your hard court section? What are the things that you take out of it? How happy were you with it? All of that stuff.

IGA SWIATEK: Basically the only tournament I'm not happy about is the first one in Melbourne, so really I think it was a great beginning of season. I made it to the fourth round of Australian Open. I have my second title, so it's great.

The matches I lost, I mean, I know why I lost them and I know what I should work on. And also my opponents were playing really good, so I have nothing to blame myself for.

Yeah, so I'm just really happy. The most important thing for me is that I'm healthy and I still have power and motivation to play, because right now I guess clay season is going to be the most important part of the season, and I want to right now prepare well.

I'm going to have few days off but not so long. I'm gonna be back more fresh.

Q. Looking ahead to the clay season, can you just talk about your love for clay, which, I mean, everybody knows at this point, but on some level you have played so well on the hard courts, as well. So transitioning onto the clay, how different is it? How much easier is it to maybe wake up and go to practice knowing that it's clay, not hard court, that sort of stuff? No?

IGA SWIATEK: In terms of practicing, it's not like that, so it's hard always (smiling). But, you know, I just feel comfortable and I love running on clay. I feel like my joints are not like so tired after playing on hard court. And injury-wise it's also better for me.

Yeah, so I'm looking forward to it, but, you know, as you could see, the beginning of clay season last year wasn't perfect for me, because I lost in first round of Rome, but, you know, I'm just going to enjoy every match and every tournament.

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