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September 5, 2003

Guillermo Coria


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. What happened to your thumb? Did it get cut? Was it a blister that pulled off? What was it?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I cut it this morning. I put my hand into a racquet bag and I cut it, essentially. I taped it. When I was playing, the racquet, the grip, was kind of slippery. So I took it off. It started bleeding again.

Q. Andre Agassi said in his press conference that he cannot remember a more frustrating experience than having to go through what all the players went through this week, not knowing when they were going to play, having to wait, having to play back-to-back days. Would you agree this was a very unusual, if not frustrating, experience?

GUILLERMO CORIA: It's been difficult, obviously, because of the rain. I had to play yesterday on an outside court. Saw the machines making all that noise and everything. Besides that, Agassi was kind of more rested. He had like three days off. I cannot control that. Anyway, I played all right. I wasn't thinking about the leg problems or my cut. I played as well as I could.

Q. Did the cut hamper your ability to play?

GUILLERMO CORIA: It's not an excuse. But to beat Agassi, you have to be 100 percent well. But that's not an excuse.

Q. What did you cut yourself on?

GUILLERMO CORIA: The racquet bag. There's like a sharp tool, I was accidentally trying to get something out and it got in my way.

Q. What was the tool?

GUILLERMO CORIA: Something to take away calluses.

Q. What was the difference between Agassi today and the way he played in Paris?

GUILLERMO CORIA: Obviously, this is Agassi's favorite surface. He hit more ground strokes, more winners than in Paris, for example. It was easier to move him around in Roland Garros than here, of course. But besides that, I'm happy with today's performance because I played today on Court 6 -- yesterday on Court 6. Today I played on Arthur Ashe. It's a bit of a difference, but I'm happy with the way I played.

Q. What was it about Andre's serve today that made it such a weapon in terms of letting him set up points the way he wanted to play them and putting him in control when you were on serve?

GUILLERMO CORIA: Well, Agassi always serves pretty well. But today he broke his serve. Right after that, I broke my racquet, the strings. That was kind of disturbing. Agassi broke me right away, broke back. I couldn't do anything else after that.

Q. Do you need any stitches?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I have to go to the doctor now.

Q. How much of an advantage do you think it was for Andre that he did not have to play yesterday?

GUILLERMO CORIA: It's very important in a Grand Slam to have at least one day to rest. I've been carrying from the last couple of matches my leg problems, groin problems. But as I said before, it's no excuse. That's not an excuse. I played well. Agassi played well. But I don't want to put that as an excuse. But it's always important to have one day off.

Q. Will you be fit for the Davis Cup semifinal?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I think I am going to be perfectly fit for that. I think in two or three days at the most, I will be ready to start practicing again.

Q. You've had a great run after Wimbledon, a 15-match winning streak, won four titles this year, all on clay. How are you evolving as a hard court player? Is that one of your primary objectives right now, to improve on hard courts?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I'm working to get better on hard courts, but also on clay, though, even though I won four titles this year. I got to the quarterfinals in Cincinnati, quarterfinals here. But I want to focus more like to play well on all surfaces.

Q. If I can just follow up to say, while you don't want to lose a match, looking back on the tournament and the fact you did get as far as you did, are you content with that?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I lost against one of the biggest players ever, so I just have to keep working hard for the next time I play Agassi. I could maybe beat him. That's one of the main keys.

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