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March 27, 2021

Brooke Henderson

Carlsbad, California, USA

Park Hyatt Aviara Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Brooke, 4-under, and you had one, two, three, four, five birdies. Any of the birdies particularly stand out more than the others?

BROOKE HENDERSON: It was kind of a slow day until I got to 8, and then was able to get back-to-back birdies on 8 and 9, which felt really nice to get the day rolling.

And then I was hoping to get a little bit further under par on the back nine. Was able to make three birdies but a bogey, so hopefully tomorrow I can go out and continue to make those birdies and maybe make a few less of the bogeys. (Laughter.)

Q. You birdied the Aon hole. What was the strategy on that hole today?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, so I had two pars going into today and I was really looking for a birdie. Tees are up, which was really nice, and I was able to hit the green in one and then make a two-putt, or a long two-putt, but was able to make it for birdie.

Q. Last one for you: A lot of tees were moved up today. How much did that change how you attacked the course?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, course was definitely more scorable today. A lot of tees were up. The pins, some of them were in pretty accessible locations, so it was nice to go out and put my shots in good positions and give myself some looks at birdies.

Hopefully tomorrow I can just continue to play aggressively and continue to make more birdies.

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