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March 18, 2004

Guillermo Coria



Q. What is the most difficult thing about playing Andre?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I always have to play above the level that I usually play. I have to be in real good physical shape and be ready to run for every point. I tried very hard and feel very sad that I could not win given the effort I gave.

Q. Is that as well as he has played against you in all the matches you've played, do you think?

GUILLERMO CORIA: It was very similar to the other games. I tried to hit the ball from his right, and I took some risks. Some of them just didn't work out.

Q. What is it going to take in your game to beat a top player like Agassi on hard court?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I think it's all taking more risks, move him more and more around the court.

Q. You have called Agassi your hero. Do you learn something from Agassi every time you play him?

GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes, always. When I play against him, when I see him play against other players, he's a very complete player; such a great player.

Q. You are among the top players at the top of the game, fourth, right behind Federer, Ferrero, Roddick. Do you feel like you get your due in terms of attention compared to the three players above you?

GUILLERMO CORIA: I don't even concentrate on those things. But I think I could get more attention in the United States. In my last match, I won.

Q. I'm sorry, I didn't get that.

GUILLERMO CORIA: I don't like to play on the outside courts because it's much harder for me, and it's distracting. I did happen to win on the outside court, but he doesn't like it.

Q. So it makes him feel he's not getting the attention he deserves? (Question not translated.)

GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes. I don't get that bothered by being put on that court. I receive a lot more attention in my own country, and a lot of privileges also.

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