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September 5, 2005

Jason Bohn


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Jason, for joining us for a few minutes here at the media center at the Deutsche Bank Championship. You had a great week, four rounds in the 60s, you've got to be real proud of how you played and happy about how the season has gone, especially this summer.

JASON BOHN: Absolutely. Today was a big stepping stone for me. You know, being in the final group, first time ever on the PGA TOUR and I just wanted to go out there and hit solid, quality golf shots, and I really did that all day. I hit some great shots. I missed a couple of putts early, but I'm walking out of here patting myself on the back. Even though I didn't come out on top, I still sucked it up and I played with a lot of heart. So, I'm proud of myself.

Q. Can you go over 9 and 10 they seemed to be the crucial holes.

JASON BOHN: Yeah, 9, I hit probably the worst tee shot of the week. I probably lost it maybe 35 yards right of where I was looking, and I just came out of my golf swing and just hit a terrible shot. But I hit it in the hazard, I took a drop and I laid it up. I was trying to chase it up on the front, left corner of the green and came up short of the bunker. Hit a great pitch. There are good 5s and that was a great 5, actually.

No. 10, I really played the hole very intelligently all week. I hit 2 iron every day off the tee, and you know today, I hit a 7 iron; I had like 168 to the hole. My caddie and I believed that the wind was coming off the right with a little bit of hurt and when I hit a 7 iron, I flushed it, hit it absolutely right where I was looking, and it flew probably 75 in the air, which I was a little jacked, a little pumped up after my bogey I don't want to say that word, a little upset after my bogey, I'll put it that way. But it bounced off the green, right where everybody walks off, the green is kind of growing funny against me, and I hit a poor chip.

Q. So if 9 was a good 5, 10 was not a good 5?

JASON BOHN: Exactly right. You don't want to take 5 from the middle of the fairway, especially on 10 with a 7 iron in your hand, but I hit a high quality second shot. I just hit it too good.

Q. Can you talk about 18 and going for eagle and what your mindset was?

JASON BOHN: Well, to be honest, I really didn't know, all I was watching was where Olin was, I wanted to see the leaderboard and what was leading and how far away I was from the lead. I never looked behind me to see if I had a two shot advantage over the third place, and I had to ask Billy Ray Brown, the commentator, what my position was and he told me I was two shots clear of Vaughn Taylor, and at that point I had no decision, just try to make eagle and make Olin play some more holes.

I look back, I've got to laugh at it, because if I only had a one shot advantage over third place, I would definitely have laid the golf ball up and tried to hole it from 100 yards. But had I laid it up and in this situation, I would never have heard the end of it from friends and family at home; they would have ragged on me forever. I didn't care if I hit it in the water. I was trying to hit a hook off a downhill lie, difficult shot coming out of the rough, but I hit a pretty decent shot. I couldn't turn it over against that wind.

Q. Was that the worst drive you've hit all week on that hole?

JASON BOHN: No. Actually day one was the worst drive. I didn't even look for it day one, I hit it so far right, but I made bogey on the first day. I had to re tee.

But yes, the wind was different, a little bit different today on 18, and it was more into us than it was kind of off the left, and so my caddie and I didn't think that I would be able to carry those bunkers all the way across. I was trying to hit it just left of the bunkers and maybe cut it a little bit and try to tumble it down that hill. I hit it solid and just never cut it, just rolled right through the fairway up on the hill.

Q. When you get in a situation like you were on 18, where you need something miraculous to happen, do you ever draw on that million dollar hole in one? Do you ever do that, and did you by any chance do it today?

JASON BOHN: I told Billy, my caddie, I said I need to hit a great I need to execute a great shot, but I also need a tremendous amount of luck.

So, I mean, I don't know that you could draw from that because it's really potluck that the ball goes into in the hole. But I've had some great things happen to me in my life, and there was no doubt in my mind that I really thought could I make three on last hole from any lie. I just thought, I could chip this in from over there. I didn't have a great stance, standing in the bunker my ball was outside, but I honestly believed I could make it. Some good things have happened to me before, so I would not have been surprised if it went in.

Q. Are you still collecting on that?

JASON BOHN: I am. I'm collecting until 2012.

Q. It looked like the putt on 15, did you think that was was that the one it looked like it was in all the way?

JASON BOHN: Yeah, I was really close to pulling the Phil Mickelson jump on that one right there. I was ready to jump, I thought it was in all the way and at the last second, it just broke off to the right. And it had some pretty good pace to it. So I turned around and told my caddie, I said, "You would have saw me jump six feet right in the air if I hit that one." I hit a lot of good putts coming down the stretch, so I can't be disappointed.

Q. The tee shot on 16 looked like it was going to be really good, it just kept rolling?

JASON BOHN: Yeah, I think the greens just got a little bit baked at the end. You know, the whole day, I told myself to play smart, picked my pins to fire at until I got in a situation where I knew I was going to have to make some birdies coming in. You know, I had a good number to 16. I hit a great shot. It just took off and rolled to the back of the green.

Q. The first time you've had the perspective of being in the final group and you have five guys going in, tied for the lead, a bunch of guys with a shot at it, those five, two up, three go down, is there any rhyme or reason for that beyond the obvious of some guys make shots and some don't on the final day?

JASON BOHN: It's a funny game, this golf is.

You know, I don't know. It's hard to tell what anybody is going to do. I think in all honesty, for me personally, I think it's easier to come from a couple of groups back than being in the final group, because I think even though we're all at kind of the same score, I still think that if you can get in and post a number, those guys have to look at it. And on this golf course, if you hit some poor shots, you're going to make some numbers. You know, I think that's exactly what Olin's thought was today. I'm sure he was trying to get in, post a good number and make the couple of groups behind him catch him.

Q. It was only two days ago that you eagled on 18. Did you think about that at all when you lined up for that?

JASON BOHN: Yeah, absolutely on the tee, I told Billy, an eagle, we get to play some more holes. I wanted to play more golf.

The day I made eagle on that hole, the wind was completely different and I actually hit driver, 7 iron into the green. So I mean, the wind really dictates that hole.

Q. What was your club selection this time?

JASON BOHN: 2 iron.

Q. What did you have today? I hope you didn't answer this already, I'm sorry, I came in late, what was it that you hit on the green?

JASON BOHN: It's a 2 iron, like a rescue, hybrid type club.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Let's go through your round, starting with your birdie on No. 2.

JASON BOHN: My birdie on No. 2, that pin was tucked far right and I was just trying to hit it in the middle of the green, I kind of pulled it a little bit left. I probably had 80, maybe 90 feet I was putting just off the green for eagle and I hit a great lag putt to a couple of feet.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: No. 5, the par 4.

JASON BOHN: No. 5, once again, I drove it perfect on that hole. I think I drove it great there all four days. I hit a little I was trying to hold a 6 iron against the wind in there, keep it below the hole and I think I made about maybe a 20 footer up and over a ridge, so one of the better putts I made all week.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: 7, the par 5.

JASON BOHN: No. 7, just laid up to a great number. I hit a lob wedge in there from I think it was about 80 yards. Had probably six feet and made it.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: The bogey on 9.

JASON BOHN: Was just a terrible tee shot out to the right in the hazard, took a drop, laid it up kind of short, left of the green it was a great bogey. Got it up and down for bogey.

On 10, I hit a 2 iron off the tee, I hit 7 iron just too good, hit it through the wind and it skipped over the edge and hit a poor chip. Missed the putt.

14, I ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich again on the 14th hole today, not to be a little superstitious, but hit a perfect tee shot and had a great yardage, hit an 8 iron that landed right where my caddie and I wanted it to land just below the ridge. It rolled up, I probably had six feet, so kudos to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

18, 2 iron I hit into 18.

Q. What kind of jelly?

JASON BOHN: Grape jelly. Yeah, extra crunchy peanut butter.

Q. We covered this yesterday.

JASON BOHN: (Laughter).

Q. Did you have two today or just one?

JASON BOHN: I had two.

Q. What was the lie like on 18? I guess the reason I ask is that if you only needed a birdie instead of an eagle would you might have laid up?

JASON BOHN: You know, it was a decent lie. If I just need a birdie, I probably would have laid it up because I've hit my wedges very well this week, and I think I could have gave myself a pretty good opportunity to make birdie.

It was an iffy call. Like I said if I only had a one shot clear of third place, I probably wouldn't have hit it. I probably would have laid up and tried to hole it from 100 yards.

Q. A tough shot then?

JASON BOHN: Yeah, because the ball was so far below my feet and the wind is off the left, and I have to hit a big hook around the trees, so it was a difficult shot.

Q. How impressed are you that a 46 year old, relatively short hitter wins this tournament, or any tournament, for that matter?

JASON BOHN: It doesn't amaze me at all out here. I don't care how old you are; every guy that's out here can play. It's unbelievable. I don't think age anymore is such an issue. You know, I hope that I'm 46 years old out here playing, because I think the more experience you have, I think you can take it a long way.

Olin has kind of helped me along over the last two years, he's kind of told me some secrets, what he believes in is writing thank you notes to tournament sponsors and he's told me ways that he thinks that players should handle themselves out here. I admire Olin a lot. I wanted to kick his butt today, but that didn't happen. I really admire him so, very happy for him and his family.

Q. It seemed like everybody admires him; they call him the nicest guy and all that. How did you get to know him?

JASON BOHN: I was kind of iffy on Olin at first. I didn't know how his personality would be but once you start to talk to the guy, I mean, he's very down to earth. He's very easy to talk to. I think it's kind of neat when a guy with that much experience will come out and talk to a rookie and kind of tell them, here is some of the things that might help you this year and for future years.

So anybody that takes the time to do that, I take my hat off to them. I admire that very much.


End of FastScripts.

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