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March 25, 2021

Kevin Kisner

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. When you have a situation where you get off to a big lead, I think I know the answer to this, but do you take something special out of grinding it out and getting the win when you were kind of against the wall coming down the stretch?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I knew that he wasn't playing well early and I had thrown a couple birdies in too, so you expect him to make a run there at some point. So I didn't like giving away 12, that was not kind of my MO in match play, so when it got to 1, you got to put your back against the wall and really grind it out. Made a nice putt there on 15 to kind of keep the momentum.

Q. Again, I know the answer to this, would you rather win 4-up or the way you won today?

KEVIN KISNER: Don't care. However it comes, I just want to win it.

Q. What is it about this format? I know we have asked you a thousand times and you probably haven't put a lot of thought into it, but do you get the same satisfaction playing in stroke play events as you do match play events?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, if you're playing well, but I really enjoy the one-on-one competitive nature of the event. I really like knowing what I have to do on every shot compared to a four-day event. I kind of get lost in the motions sometimes when it's a Friday morning or Friday afternoon and everything's not going perfect. I think you got to grind all 18 holes and that keeps my head in the game.

Q. Do you enjoy the grind or does it get to you sometimes?

KEVIN KISNER: I love it. That's the whole reason I play. If it's not worth grinding then I don't want to be out here.

Q. When you look back to your first couple years playing this event, does it almost surprise you that you didn't play a little bit better considering what you've done the last three times?

KEVIN KISNER: I think my game probably wasn't as sharp as it is now from a whole standpoint, and experience helps. Obviously the more you play with your peers and the more you understand that you're equal to everyone else, it helps a lot easier on the grind.

Q. Was there anything that JT did today that kind of dictated what you did, talking along the lines of you like knowing what you need to do?

KEVIN KISNER: Oh, for sure. I changed lines and I'm always hitting first against him, so it's a little bit difficult to say that, but I just like to always be in play and that's what my strategy in match play is, to try to force the other person to do something really great, and when you keep firing it in there 20 feet first, it gets really annoying. The thing that I did well today is I got a few up-and-down that probably surprised him and that just wears you out when you're on the other side.

Q. 13 would come to mind. He hits a really great drive over the green there. Were you going to lay up all along?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I don't, I don't know exactly where my ball's going to go. I never really hit driver there. It's got to be a driver for me, and then I'm going to bank it off the grandstand if I hit a great shot and then I'm not real sure about that chipping area. I feel like I can get a wedge within 10, 12 feet, which I did. The wind started blowing 15, 20 there and those putts become very difficult.

Q. Will you look at all at the board tomorrow at what everyone's doing around you based on advancing or do you feel pretty comfortable being 2-0?

KEVIN KISNER: No, I just think you just go take care of your match and you know what the outcome is.

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