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March 24, 2021

Jason Kokrak

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously that was a great start to your match and then things went back and forth for a little while. So just talk about the first half.

JASON KOKRAK: First half of the match, I mean, got off to a good start, drove it down the middle of the 1st fairway, 2nd fairway. He had a little tough lie and ended up hitting his ball in the hazard on 2 and lipped out a putt on the par-3 and then I made a birdie on the next hole.

So I was 3-up and I just made a bad swing on the next hole, hit it out of bounds and kind of let him back in the match. And then he, I ended up 3-putting from right of the green on 8 and 1-up. And then I ended up birdieing 9.

So it was a pretty solid start to the front nine and then I got into the back nine and was, had an, was a little bit shaky, I didn't hit a good tee ball on 10. But coming, finishing the way I did kind of gives me some confidence going into the rest of the round robin or whatever you want to call it.

Q. Is this a format that you enjoy and did you play the format before when it was sudden death?

JASON KOKRAK: No, I did not. This is my first time at Dell Match Play. I haven't played match play since probably U.S. Amateur. I play a little bit of match play when I'm at home with my friends, but I don't play much match play against these guys. Played a little game yesterday that kind of gave me a little bit of oomph yesterday, a little prep work, so that was nice, but yeah I enjoy it, I think it's a lot of fun.

It's something vastly different than what we normally do because every shot counts no matter what, if you get it out of play, you lay it up and you take your bogey and you go on. In this format it doesn't matter what you make, if you make a birdie you win a hole, if you make a 12 you lose the hole. So I think it's a lot of fun.

Q. So going into tomorrow mentally are you going to grind over what's happening there or do you just kind of go home and relax?

JASON KOKRAK: Well, I think I, my speed was off a little bit, I think I'll spend 20, 30 minutes out here on the range, tighten up some things. I think the wedges are right. Mid irons were pretty good. I think we just hit a couple 3-woods, a couple drivers, and work on the speed around the greens and I think we're, we'll be ready to go by tomorrow.

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