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March 12, 2021

MaCio Teague

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Baylor Bears

Postgame Press Conference

Oklahoma State 83, Baylor 74

Q. You all had that great run to get up 60-52. What do you feel like happened down the stretch?

MACIO TEAGUE: They executed and we didn't.

Q. You had a rough shooting day. Do you feel like that explained a lot of problems or do you think there were bigger problems than just that?

MACIO TEAGUE: No, they scored like 80 something on us, so there were bigger problems than shooting.

Q. What do you think was the difference in the second half with Cunningham because you guys did a good job on him in the first half, limiting him to four. What changed for him in the second half do you think?

MACIO TEAGUE: He got free from our best defender. He just got free, got some good looks, got some good shots to the rim, and great players make shots.

Q. Anything from the three-point line that you saw that was tough for you tonight, 6 out of 28?

MACIO TEAGUE: No. I mean, shots just didn't fall.

Q. Do you feel like you guys can turn it around a little bit going into the next phase of the season? What do you feel like you guys have got to do maybe?

MACIO TEAGUE: Turn it around. We've got to get stops defensively.

Q. Are you looking forward to the Sunday selection show, probably be a No. 1 seed?

MACIO TEAGUE: Maybe the team is. Me personally, the rankings, they don't mean anything. I wasn't ranked in high school. I'm here. People ranked 90th -- Desmond Bane wasn't ranked too high in high school. He's in the NBA. The rankings, they don't mean anything. We were the No. 1 seed in this tournament. We lost. The rankings don't mean anything.

Q. You were undefeated up until a couple of weeks ago. You've been through so much with COVID. What kind of warning shot does this give you guys about the tournament, about how hard it may be?

MACIO TEAGUE: We've just got to go compete at a high level. We've just got to go compete.

Q. Third time playing Oklahoma State. Was there anything different that they threw at you on the defensive end in particular this game that you struggled with?

MACIO TEAGUE: No. We got wide open looks, we just didn't make them. It wasn't like they're the No. 1 defensive team in the country. We just didn't make shots. They rebounded, they got out in transition, they ran, they converted when we missed, they converted when we turned the ball over, and they beat us.

Q. You made some key shots midway through the second half even with five minutes to go. You made some huge plays, and then how would you say they adjusted over the last five minutes of the game to kind of force some misses on your end?

MACIO TEAGUE: I don't know. I'd have to go watch film.

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