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March 11, 2021

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

New York, New York, USA

Villanova Wildcats

Madison Square Garden

Postgame Media Conference

Georgetown - 72, Villanova - 71

Q. From an opponent's perspective, did Georgetown seem to hold their composure maybe a little bit more, better, a little better than they did earlier in the season?

JEREMIAH ROBINSON-EARL: Yeah, I think they did a great job. They have one of the greatest bigs ever to play and he knows how to play basketball and I think he does great job coaching them and I think they executed their game plan really well and they came out and played really hard tonight.

Q. You were on fire, they basically couldn't stop you. Talk about being able to get to the rim pretty much at will?

JEREMIAH ROBINSON-EARL: Can you ask that question one more time.

Q. They pretty much couldn't stop you off the bounce. I'm talking about being able to get to the rim pretty much at will.

JEREMIAH ROBINSON-EARL: I think our team we executed offensively really well today. I think our game plan going in, play through the fours, the playmakers make plays going to the goal, looking for people opposite and just be a playmaker. And I think we did a good job, me and Jermaine and Eric inside, being playmakers and making the right decisions.

Q. You guys were up 11 with eight minutes to go and then Georgetown made a run. What was the issue on the defensive end for you guys?

JEREMIAH ROBINSON-EARL: Yeah I think they got a lot, they got some O boards, they were doing a good job attacking the goal and especially getting the boards off of those misses and they really executed their game plan well. We just needed to be better defensively, but I think we did a great job playing hard out there tonight and we just got to keep playing a full 40 minutes and just keep a great attitude and look for the NCAA tournament now.

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