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March 7, 2021

Danielle Kang

Ocala, Florida, USA

Golden Ocala

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice solid finish overall.


Q. Yeah. How did it feel?

DANIELLE KANG: Felt okay. I feel like I could have played better but I think I kind of got into the game a little bit late. I don't know what golf course Austin is playing to be honest with you.

I tried so hard to make some birdies. It's really hard to make -- shape shots out there, but it's easy to give shots away.

Q. First time since 2007 that Americans have won the first three events. Does it feel like there is an American resurgence happening?

DANIELLE KANG: I mean, it's really cool to see a lot of USA flags up there, but Solheim Cup year, so it'll be exciting.

Q. Does that drive you and your approach to Solheim and the Olympics and the competition you'll have together?

DANIELLE KANG: Yeah, of course. I mean, to be representing United States has always been my dream. In in case or form it's a blessing, so -- it's an honor, actually, yeah. But Austin has got a really solid game and I'm happy for her to see what she's pulled off. What's she at, 15?

Q. 15, yeah.

DANIELLE KANG: She kicked my ass by ten shots and I'm Top 5. That's pretty cool.

Q. Last one: Just plan for the two weeks off leading up to Kia and the first major?

DANIELLE KANG: I'm going to go to The PLAYERS and watch Maverick, so going to be in Florida for a little bit longer. After that really excited to go home and tune up my game a little bit. I think I need to work on little things here and there.

It's golf you always have something to work on, which is the beauty of it. Really excited for the west coast swing though.

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