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March 6, 2021

Jennifer Kupcho

Ocala, Florida, USA

Golden Ocala

Quick Quotes

Q. Jennifer, what a great third round here at Golden Ocala. Just walk us through the last hole, which is probably the most fresh in my mind. It was an eagle.

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I actually was like standing on the tee and I was like, I feel an eagle coming on, so it was pretty cool to do it.

But when I got down there to the fairway I definitely didn't think it would be possible to get it close and I was not aiming anywhere close to where my ball went, but it happened to go right at the pin and carried by a couple yards, carried the water by a couple yards, and ended up in a good spot. I was able to just make the putt.

Q. How many yards was it?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think it was 215 to the pin.

Q. And did you think when you hit it that it was short or long?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: I didn't know for sure if I could carry the water on the line that it took, but I knew it would be really close.

Q. Did you know after your second shot that you would make the putt and felt good about the eagle?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I focused on the line and my and my caddie picked out a great spot and focused on making a good stroke.

Q. Of the three days, today you had the most difficult start it seems like with par and then bogey and followed by just a couple more pars; whereas the first two days you had pars and birdies. Did that affect you at all or were you just ready to make up for it?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I mean, it was a little bit different from the start anyway. I mean, the rain and obviously I haven't had my caddie for -- except for the last two weeks, so that's always a new experience, working together on that. It's just kind of throwing us out there and here you go, go do it.

So, I mean, it was just a tough start. The greens were really slow when it was raining and I ended up three-putting the 2nd hole and that's what happened. I didn't really feel the momentum go either way. I know Austin was playing great today, so...

Q. Are you nervous ahead of tomorrow?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Not really. Just going to go out there and play my best. Honestly, anything could happen. I mean, Austin showed no mercy today. She was playing really great; made golf look very easy for sure.

So just go put there and play my best. I obviously can't play defense, so just go see what I can do with my game.

Q. You're such as aggressive player. You obviously won At Augusta National too and some of holes are like that here this week. What is your goal for tomorrow then?

JENNIFER KUPCHO: Honestly, just go out there and play smart and be patient. I mean, that's what did I today making a couple bogeys, staying patient, and I was able to turn the round around. I think just keeping that mindset like I've had all week.

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