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March 6, 2021

Jenny Coleman

Kristin Coleman

Ocala, Florida, USA

Golden Ocala

Quick Quotes

Q. Jenny, 7-under par overall heading into the final 18. Got to feel good to have yourself in that spot. How does it feel?

JENNY COLEMAN: Feels great. It's nice to go out there and pick my shots and execute, just keeping the ball rolling. I just feel pretty confident, comfortable, steady, and just keeping it going.

Q. We talked about it on the way over, but you got your sister outside the ropes keeping an eye on you. You played with Patty today, fellow Symetra Tour grad; you got Leona as well right around there near the top of the leaderboard. What's it like to have some familiar faces?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, it's definitely nice to see all the Symetra girls, especially my class, Leona, Patty, Perrine, Perrine, in a lot of former like Nelly, Dana. I mean, there are a lot good names out there showing that Symetra Tour is very strong.

Q. You ever played with Nelly on the Symetra Tour?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, I think I played with her few years back. I believe it was Greenwood.

Q. 2016.


Q. We just learned that you two coach each other.


Q. Can you tell us how this started and how it works out?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, we grew up four or five years old, started the game with our family. Just ever since our dad would take some lessons and tell us, and then we got to an age where, Okay, I think we can start having our own.

And then high school, college, pro always at the course at the same time and we can...

KRISTIN COLEMAN: We see each other every day and we can kind of see what changed all of a sudden and kind of pinpoint it fairly easily.


Q. Do with your swings look alike?

KRISTIN COLEMAN: I wouldn't say so.

JENNY COLEMAN: I would say they're a little bit different. She has more of a flattening transition and mine is fairly more one-planed. A lot of people think we swing pretty similar because our setup and our finish is similar, so...

Q. So what are you noticing in Jenny's game this week?

KRISTIN COLEMAN: Yeah, she's playing pretty steady. She always hits the ball really well, especially her irons, she is doing that for sure. And then couple putts are dropping. She's hitting it so close that she's giving it a good run at the putts. So, yeah.

Q. Are you nervous out there, Kristen, watching?

KRISTIN COLEMAN: A little, but not really model. I'm just hanging out and she's played solid, so I'm not too worried.

Q. Jenny, what part of your game do you think has gotten you in this position?

JENNY COLEMAN: Definitely my approaches. Driver is holding steady, lots of fairways. But approaches, just dialing in direction and distance, you got to pick which ones you can being aggressive with and which pins you got to just play it safe and take your 20, 30 feet and just move on to the next one.

Q. We talk to a lot of Symetra Tour grads who first come out and they're like, Well, there isn't that big a difference, and then they realize, Wait a minute, there really is. Has that realization hit you, and what is the difference?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, I had some conditional status in 2017, so that was my first taste of the LPGA, and last season. Yeah, it's just adjusting to the courses every week and then just getting into that routine. You have a caddie, practice round bookings, and different players that you're playing with.

Course-wise fairly similar to the Symetra. Maybe a touch tougher all around. A little longer, firmer, faster greens. But, yeah, after that much time you start getting in to the groove.

Q. You two live together and where is your home base and in what ways are you different?

KRISTIN COLEMAN: Yeah, we live at home wit our parents just outside of Los Angeles area in Rolling Hills Estates and we're pretty similar. We like the same stuff. It's hard to really pinpoint what's different.

Q. Personalities the same?

KRISTIN COLEMAN: Same, yeah, similar. I'm a fraction taller, but that's about it. (Laughter.)

Q. What's the favorite restaurant?

JENNY COLEMAN: Restaurant?

Q. Uh-huh.

KRISTIN COLEMAN: It's either got to be steakhouse or Mexican.



Q. Do you have other siblings?

THE COLEMANS: Nope, just us. We were enough. (Laughter.)

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