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March 6, 2021

Keegan Bradley

Bay Hill, Florida, USA

Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice way to finish there with a birdie on the last. 64, 10 shots better than yesterday's score. What was the biggest difference between the two rounds?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I had a little bounce in my step today. I just, I felt it from the moment I got on the property, I just felt ready to go.

Q. Was there something that made you feel ready to go today?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, my good luck charm's here this week, my wife, they haven't been able to travel a ton, obviously, so I got my two sons here and her, so things are good.

Q. On the golf course what was working so well for you on the course?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I did everything pretty well. I drove the ball well, I putted great. Then I hit a couple really nice pitches and chips when I got in some trouble. But pretty solid round. Not a lot of stress.

Q. Did you see a round like this coming?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I mean, I played really well the first two rounds -- I didn't make a ton, but putted all right. I love this course and this tournament, Arnold Palmer and what a fun day it was.

Q. Obviously we don't know where you'll be on the leaderboard come the end of the day, but what's something that you need to focus on tomorrow to hopefully be raising the trophy at the end of the day?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well I got to go out and do something like I did today, like see if I can get that bounce in my step and go out there and shoot a really low one.

Q. A year since everything was shut down at THE PLAYERS. Last year at THE PLAYERS do you remember what you thought of the coronavirus when it was kind of getting going there?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I was -- when the NBA suspended their season, that's when things got pretty real, for me at least. That was kind of the day that I remember going, Okay, this is really serious.

Then I woke up on Friday morning getting ready to go play and the tournament had been cancelled and it was pretty intense.

Q. How has your views on the coronavirus changed in this last year?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I think the TOUR's done an incredible job getting us back out there, we were one of the first sports back out there, Jay Monahan and the TOUR, and we got to be really careful. We have been pretty lucky on the TOUR to get through the season without a ton of positives, so that's a good sign.

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