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March 6, 2021

Ashleigh Buhai

Ocala, Florida, USA

Golden Ocala

Quick Quotes

Q. Even?


Q. Steady day. You're only three shots out of third place.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, I mean, considering I was 4-under for my round through ten holes, but that back nine played so tough today. The wind was swirling. I don't feel I actually hit a bad shot on the back nine. It was just a case of we played for wind, it died, and then didn't play for it and it picked up.

So it was frustrating when you don't feel like you've hit bad shots and you make bogeys, but when I looked at the leaderboard I couldn't still I believe was top 10, to be honest.

Q. Yeah, you're right there. Almost kind of wish the rain would've stayed around.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, it was a bit easier. There wasn't wind. It was constant rain and very playable. It was soft. Once that wind picked up it was just coming out of all directions. We've never played Augusta, but I think we got the fix of it on 10, 11, and 12 with the swirling winds.

Q. You played with a couple rookies today. As a veteran out here, what did you think of their game?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I played with Leona a few times both having played in Europe a lot. Played with Patty last week and she played great last week, too. I mean, hits it a mile and straight, which is such an advantage out here, and putts really good.

Enjoyable playing with both of them and both very good players.

Q. Back to yesterday and you talked about playing with Els and Brandon Grace. Playing with them, what did you learn specifically from playing with the men, and anything specifically that you maybe took away from watching Ernie?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Well, Ernie is just so smooth and still amazing how good he hits it at 51 years old. The grain in Florida is -- I'm normally a really good chipper of the ball, but it's something I've always struggled with.

I watched him closely and asked him a few tips, and obviously he's really renowned for his bunker play, so I think playing with him and seeing how he chips on the grain has really helped me.

I think the guys play a little bit more aggressive, but overall I didn't learn too much otherwise. I think we feed off each other and it's a lot fun when we do play together.

Q. Did playing with them, do you feel like you came into this season with a little more confidence than maybe in years past?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I think maybe it's just game time. Playing with good players. When you're playing with him, obviously we all wanted to win a game, even if it's for 20 bucks. I think it was good preparation for me having that competition and playing with some good players coming into this year.

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