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March 6, 2021

Albane Valenzuela

Ocala, Florida, USA

Golden Ocala

Quick Quotes

Q. It was a slightly tough transition I think with COVID, a few injuries and other bits and pieces going on. Can you talk us through what kind of struggle last year was for you?

ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yeah, definitely 2020 was kind of a struggle for me. Just transitioning I think from amateur golf to professional will golf was tricky and I fell victim of wanting to have more changes and kind of finding something different.

Then I got a shoulder injury, got COVID, I got my appendix removed, so I really had a whole lot going on. I think I've just gone back to a very simple routine, gone back to the basics. My dad is my coach. He is here on the bag this week, and so we're just trying to have fun and go back to a very simple routine.

Q. It seems to us watching too a bit last year, even though things didn't turn out as you would've liked, it's almost like a nice little practice to have that kind of rookie year all over again this year. Is that something you think about?

ALBANE VALENZUELA: Definitely. I think all the obstacles I faced ended up actually really helping me I think. Even the injury, I learned a lot from it. Even changing caddies and getting used to life on tour, I think 2020 and everything that happened still was a good year.

Q. Well you had great round today in tough conditions. Do you have a score in mind for tomorrow or what is the plan?

ALBANE VALENZUELA: No score in mind. Just really keep doing what I'm doing, stick to my strategy and routine. I think that's really all I can do and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

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