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March 4, 2021

Jaye Marie Green

Ocala, Florida, USA

Golden Ocala

Quick Quotes

Q. Jaye, solid 4-under to get started here with five birdies. Just how did it feel to finish the first 18?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Feels good. My ball striking was a lot better today than it was last week. I was really struggling with it last week. I kind of figured out a couple things.

So felt good to give myself a lot of opportunities today.

Q. You almost holed it on your last hole. What club did you hit? How far did you have? What was the mindset once you approached the you ball on the green?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: I had 165 yards into the wind. The greens are really firm because I think they're brand new, so I hit like a 7-iron just to let the wind drift it in. When I hit it I was like, That could go in, and it almost did but ran off. I was like, Wow, this is still only like a 15-footer.

So it was nice to end my round making that putt.

Q. Did you play here when the LPGA played in 2015 and 2016?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, I just remember it being really cold. I remember really liking the golf course, but sometimes it's so hard when you're that cold. Hard to really remember it because it's playing a lot different now that it's great weather.

Q. What is your health like now and what is your mindset going into 2021?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, man, I had COVID in January for like three weeks, so that was -- and I had it pretty bad, so it feels good to be out playing and not feeling too much from it.

But I feel it in my body. Just get extra sore, so I'm just taking that into account. Last week after four rounds I'm like, I'm done. I can't play. But, yeah, health-wise everything is starting to feel better and each day I'm feeling better. So that feels good to kind of climb my way back up.

Q. You were never hospitalized, right?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: No, no. Thank goodness. Felt like I was getting close. Just walking up my stairs to go to my room I was like, I can't make it. It was brutal.

Q. And you've always been a really good ball-striker. What is it that's going to take you to get to the next level do you think?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, definitely putting. I mean, you always see whoever wins and is playing well they're consistently putting well. I think that's been something for me is I've been a good putter it's just been streaky. I'm working on being like more consistent.

Then when you hit it good and you're consistently putting well, golf seems a little easier.

Q. Are you the kind of player who sets a year-long goal, here is what I want to do for 2021, or are you more of a week at a time kind of person?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: I like setting like long-term year goal, but then I like attack it tournament by tournament. One of my big ones was to have my best putting stats this year than I have previously on tour, so today you think helped. I did have one 3-putt.

Q. What were the '21 other goals?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Well, Solheim Cup is a huge goal of mine and I still have time to hopefully make that happen. But so many Americans are playing well. It's going to be hard. But I think if I do the putting how I want to give me a better chance.

And to get my first win, yeah.

Q. You're a Florida gal. Couple Florida events to start the year. How nice a Florida swing is to ease into the year.

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, it's so nice having my own car here. My mom and dad, my two dogs are here. So when I go back to the house we're staying at it's just like, Oh, this feels like a normal night at home.

And being in Florida it's just nice because if I forget something or need something from home I'm like, Yeah, it's three hours, but I could still go home if I really had to. That makes me feel better.

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