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June 21, 2005

Venus Williams


THE MODERATOR: Can we have your questions for Venus.

Q. What did you think of your match?

VENUS WILLIAMS: It was a good match. I got to hit a lot of balls. It was sunny. That was nice.

Q. Both you and your sister continually are judged against what you did a few years ago when you were winning Grand Slams. Do you feel any pressure to repeat that? Do you think people are making much to do about that, that they shouldn't?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, personally as a career goal, I'd like to win Grand Slams. Obviously, I'd like to win every title that I enter. This is my dream. As far as if there's too much going on, that could be an accurate statement. But it is what it is.

Q. So you're saying it could be an accurate statement?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Could be, yes.

Q. What things do you think is too much going on?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Too much, is what he was saying, are people just -- always just -- I don't know. What were you saying? You explain it to him.

Q. The fact that you won and you haven't won lately. People say why aren't you winning because you were both champions.

VENUS WILLIAMS: That's what he meant.

Q. Is tennis as important to you now as it was five years ago?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Sure, absolutely.

Q. Number one still?


Q. What do you think is the key to a good run here?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't think it gets much more simpler than playing well. That's what it's all about. It's getting out there and playing well. That's all.

Q. Do you plan to get to the net?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, for sure. Today was a little strange because she was always playing me up the middle. Then the ball's kind of bouncing strange. I have long arms and legs. When it gets close to me, you know, I'm not able to move forward because I have to get out of my own way. So I felt like that a lot today. I was kind of getting out of my way.

Q. When you come back to Wimbledon, do you remember the good times, remember The Championships when you step on the court the first time each year?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah. But the thing is I always have a good time whether I win or lose. I always have good memories. I think that's the most important thing that Team Williams does. We always have fun. We always have our laughs.

Q. Are both of your parents here with you?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No. My dad is here right now.

Q. I heard you're going to the Nordic Lights Open. Is that true?


Q. How come you chose to attend that competition?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Because I had the opportunity, so I went. I'm going.

Q. It isn't that really big.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm very excited. I've never been. For every year since I've been playing, my schedule has been the same every summer. So I'm glad to flip the script.

Q. Have you been to Stockholm before?


Q. What do you expect?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Good time and some wins.

Q. Is tennis the top priority in your life?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I just said that. Yeah, for sure.

Q. Is this the first time you and your sister have played on Court 2 on the same day?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Probably. Probably. You know, I don't know, unless you count the doubles (laughter).

Q. How did that feel, not being the quite the main show today, Maria being up first, without being too harsh, the side issue today?

VENUS WILLIAMS: What's important is to be in the draw. For me, that's very important.

Q. Is the fourth round looming large, when you play Serena hopefully?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No. Couple matches away still.

Q. Do you think at all about what happened last year, the odd circumstances of the way you left? Bitter taste in your mouth still?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No, because I don't think about it till someone mentions it. It's kind of like didn't ruin my life at all. I'm fine.

Q. You always accepted adversity very well. A lot of people would get upset about a situation. Have you always been like that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I've always been like that. And I believe that you can't change the past. You can just try to learn from it.

Q. Do your spirits really rise coming back to Wimbledon, really the best of memories?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, for sure. But my spirits always rise playing every tournament because I really like playing tennis. It's my career. I enjoy being out there. It's all good.

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