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February 27, 2021

Lexi Thompson

Orlando, Florida, USA

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Lexi Thompson. You were just saying it feels good to be here in Florida, and what a day for you on moving day. How are you feeling here at the Gainbridge LPGA?

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's just great to be here and be able to play in Florida, and to be able to drive to an event is always great. We've had absolutely perfect weather here and Lake Nona is in the best shape I've seen.

I am just happy to be here. Unfortunately no fans, but we have a few members out there supporting us, so we're enjoying every bit of it.

Q. What's it like here at Lake Nona for you? Have you played this course a couple times? Many times?

LEXI THOMPSON: I've only played this course once and it was a while ago. It's in perfect shape, I mean, so pure, and a challenging golf course. You can definitely get it out there if you play aggressively and go after some of the pins, but the greens can be tricky and you can leave yourself in some difficult chips or going for par-5s, up and down.

It's definitely important to leave yourself in the right spots going into the green.

Q. Despite a couple bogeys you still had some impressive streaks of birdies there. Take us through the last three holes.

LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was a great way to finish. I hit it great the whole day. Just the front nine I got a few bad breaks. But that's golf. A few bad bounces. I just went with it and tried to stay positive throughout the whole day with my caddie Jack. We just enjoyed every bit of being out there.

He told me going into the last three, he was like, Let's just birdie the last three and get off the golf course. I was like, Okay. I'll try my best. It ended up working out, so it was overall just a good day.

Q. When the conditions are ripe I feel like this is a course that anyone can go low. What will it take for you to continue going low tomorrow?

LEXI THOMPSON: Just going out tomorrow with the same attitude I did the last three days playing aggressive golf, but at the same time playing smart golf. I don't hit too many drivers put here. There are a lot of 3-woods.

So just getting it in the fairways and allowing myself to play aggressive into some of those tucked pin locations and playing smart.

Q. One of the biggest stories of the week is Annika Sorenstam in the field. Have you come across her as you're practicing or playing?

LEXI THOMPSON: Definitely warming up and practicing a bit. It's just great to have her out here I think. All of us athletes have looked up to her and what she's done with the game no only on the golf course but off it as well, and just the role model that she is.

It's great to have her in the field. I don't know what she shot today, but it's amazing to see her out here ans just still scoring, as good as she is. Everybody knows how amazing of a human she is.

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